I just sent an email to the governor asking him to consider throwing a “rent” party for the State of California. I thought for the guest list, he could invite people with bloated incomes like actors, sports players, owners of huge corporations. These folks would pay a one time sum of money, to be determined by them of course and in return would get a tee shirt that would read “I SAVED THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA TODAY” maybe with a bear on the back beating its chest. When I hear of budget cuts it makes my skin crawl. You know who gets cut? Well first we cut the teachers because everyone knows that overcrowded classrooms produce the finest students. Oh yes and canned food is oh so much healthier then the fresh fruits and vegetables we give them. Then we cut the mental health programs because everyone knows people with problems just don’t need medication. Old people, now there’s a group that doesn’t need anything. How about the homeless? How shall we house these folks who are doubling in number because of the economy? (I made that figure up, it’s probably higher) Do I sound bitter? You bet. I don’t understand why in the healthiest, wealthiest country in the world (or is that now Canada?) we could disenfranchise ourselves from each other to the point where we don’t even know the name of the person next door let alone if they are in need. There is a solution you know. Volunteer at the local school, bring blankets and food to shelters, help a child learn to read, be a kind neighbor and maybe have a garage sale and donate the profits to the California budget. If you want to help, you can find many agencies at 211SanDiego.org. They are also wonderful if you are in need of help. Thanks for reading my blog, please if you have good ideas post them in comments. Everybody needs a little help sometimes, even the State.


Givemewine Feb. 13, 2009 @ 7:46 a.m.

You don't sound bitter, just angry and why shouldn't you be. Our state has been living the "spending beyond our means" life for too long and it's finally caught up. Please keep up your efforts to remind us all to give a little and collectively we can make a positive change.


fuzzywuzznt Feb. 24, 2009 @ 5:16 a.m.

what a wonderful idea. but let us not forget the politicians who helped create this mess to begin with. i dont see them taking pay cuts or losing there jobs and homes.


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