Neighborhood, DRAMA. When i wake up and eventually drive around my neighborhood there is never anything to see except COPS. These cops are always everywhere. There's a liquor store down the street, well technically theres a lot of liquor stores on every street but anywho... This liquor store always gets raided by the cops, every i'd say month. The park is always surrounded by cops because drug dealers keep on selling there and druggies keep on passing out near there. It's never ending DRAMA. I have moved away many a times but the DRAMA brings me back. How exciting is it as a child growing up to always have something to look at outside. I don't give a care if it's a bit dangerous, it's FUN. There's been a drive by shooting in my alley that we live in where i had to explain to the cops what i saw every ten minutes when each and every police officer had to take a statement from me for there own records. That was fun. It was fun when we were watching people get arrested down the street on labor day weekend for doing i would hope something illegal at the park, there were about ten cop cars there blocking off the street. How bout the time when someone shot a person in the alley across the street. That was fun watching the cops bug everyone asking questions. Oh yeah and it's fun everytime the helicopter comes right on top of our neighborhood i'd say every month or so dependent on the crime, that thing is so loud especially when there yelling to say someone criminal is amongst us and to watch out for a 5'6, male with a yellow shirt and blue pants. It's crazy but I wouldn't change the place i grew up because it made me who i am today.


susanyh Dec. 15, 2009 @ 3:14 p.m.

Obviously you probably don't have anything better to do but put down the neighborhood that you grew up in. Living in any hood has it's ups and downs. It is what you do to improve the community that makes things better where you live. I grew up in Shell Town also but I would rather grow up here than in any other neighborhood. I only know of a 5 liquor stores in Shell Town the rest are markets and food stores. As for the cops around here, they are there to do their job. So I really think that instead talking negative about of your neighborhood Why not do something positive to make it better


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