If all the extremely negative and untrue advertising in the June election annoyed you too, I suggest that it is time to hold people accountable for dirty politics in Chula Vista. 1. The politicians who paid Tom Shepard and Associations or accepted contributions from the Lincoln Club aided and abetted if not encouraged all the negative advertising in the June election. We clearly don't need any of them in office. 2. The priest who preached against Proposition E should be ashamed of himself, since his new church does not need a General Plan amendment, making Proposition E irrelevant, and he knew this before the election since he had already gotten the approvals needed. 3. Sharp Memorial Hospital, which spent $100,000 of the hospital’s operating funds on advertising and contributions, owes its clients an apology for its fiscal irresponsibility. For $34,000 it could have put a measure on the ballot in November to exempt all hospitals, schools and churches from Proposition E and the General Plan's height limits. Now in two years if the hospital brings plans to the city for a building over 94 feet they will have to pay the expenses and spend the time to get a General Plan Amendment, according to the city. 4. The two elected officials who preferred to spend $30,000 on a biased financial report to help their big developer friends instead of $4,000 more to exempt hospitals, schools and churches certainly made it clear they did not care about hospitals, schools or churches. One of them is the president of the board of Sharp Hospital. The other is on the board of Scripps Hospital. Why all the elaborate fliers and rhetoric?? Who is really behind this? Is there some awful project out there that some developer is poised to bring forward? The purpose of E was to get the citizens involved in land use decisions. We still can be, but we must get organized and start demanding a stronger voice. The people who live in the east are a part of Chula Vista until you get organized and break off as your own city what the council does or does not do affects you as much as those of us in the west. You must become better informed.


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