New forms of technology are evolving. Just a couple of years ago, Steve Jobs gave us the iPad. Before that though, tablet PC’s weren’t even popular, but now they’re everywhere. Everyone suddenly has a tablet by their side.

However, tablets have limited capabilities. For example, surfing the net can be a hassle, because mobile versions of websites are downloaded. Typing on a tablet is a drag too. While it makes sense to use laptops instead of tablets, they’re quite expensive.

So what’s the solution? Google Chromebooks.

If you’ve never heard of a Chromebook, it’s basically a laptop that runs a desktop version of Google Chrome. The materials are very inexpensive and the storage is small. Basically, a Chromebook offers the responsiveness and price of a tablet, but you’ll be able to surf like you’re using a real desktop.


As mentioned earlier, one advantage of Chromebooks is the ability to surf websites in their full versions. On tablets, only mobile versions of websites are loaded.

You’ll be able to get a complete surfing experience with Chromebooks. You’ll also get access to all of Google’s services such as Drive, Google+ and a host of others.

All the information you need will be saved on Google’s cloud storage, negating the need for hard drives. The fact that they also use flash storage means the responsiveness of the computer will be fast. Also, the price is very cheap. For $250, you get a nice, portable, computer. You get a trackpad and a keyboard that allow you to navigate the Internet easily. You also get a couple of USB ports and HDMI, which you won’t find on a similarly – priced tablet.

Overall, the main advantage of Chromebooks is your immediate connectivity to the Internet. You’ll be able to connect anywhere fast. Your files will also be saved on the Internet. Everything that involves Internet work can be done on your Chromebook.


Admittedly, Chromebooks have some disadvantages too. For example, the operating system is very limited in terms of apps. It’s not a full operating system like Windows where you can install whatever you want.

Also, you have very limited space to work with; 16 GB of memory. It’s like you’re using a tablet’s hardware, but with a laptop sized display.

Chromebooks also feel cheap. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for. The Chromebooks released right now are made from common plastic.


The adoption rate of Chromebooks is rather low right now, but the benefits are certainly noticeable. If you think of Chromebooks as laptops with the price and software of tablets then you’re on the right track.


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