Anybody know of or memorized the entire cable TV channel lineups of the 60s and 70s? Did most of them carry all of the Los Angeles VHF stations? Did any carry some of the Los Angeles UHF stations?

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Retro Cable Channel Lineup: Cox (or Mission Cable?) in 1979

Here's an idea. Anyone remember when cable TV once had 12 or 35 channel lineups way back before they started offering 300-400 channel lineups?

If you have any old cable channel lineups of the past, you can reply here. Let us know what city and cable system (even if they're defunct) that they were for and what year they were in effect.

Off the top of my head, here's what I remember from Cox Cable in 1979 in the San Diego area.

2 Mission Cable 2 (IND)/KNXT 2 (CBS) 3 KCST 39 (NBC) 4 KNBC 4 (NBC)/Christian Communications Network 5 KTLA 5 (IND) 6 XETV 6 (IND) 7 KABC 7 (ABC)/Shopper's Guide 8 KFMB 8 (CBS) 9 KHJ 9 (IND) 10 KGTV 10 (ABC) 11 KTTV 11 (IND) 12 KPBS 15 (PBS) 13 KCOP 13 (IND) 14 KMEX 34 (SIN-Spanish Information Network) 15 KPBS 15 (PBS) 16 KWHY 22 (IND) 6am-2pm/XEWT 12 (IND-Spanish) 17 AP News text 18 Electronic Program Guide / ESPN (3pm-MID beginning in September) 19 Local Weather/Test Channel 20 HBO (5pm-2am, its entire schedule at the time) 21 text 22 not used yet 23 ITV (local origination educational channel) 24 Public Access 25 CSPAN / text 26 Christian Communications Network (24 hour version) 27-36 not used yet

Retro Cable Channel Lineup: Mission Cable in 1969

2 KNXT 2 (CBS) / blackout notice when KNXT had the same programming as KFMB 3 KCST 39 (IND) (on the air from 4pm-10pm) 4 KNBC 4 (NBC) / blackout notice when KNBC had the same programming as KOGO 5 KTLA 5 (IND) 6 XETV 6 (ABC) 7 KABC 7 (ABC) / XETV when KABC had the same programming as XETV 8 KFMB 8 (CBS) 9 KHJ 9 (IND) 10 KOGO 10 (NBC) 11 KTTV 11 (IND) 12 KEBS 15 (NET) (on the air from about 4pm-10pm regularily, and longer during school days when it ran instructional TV courses 13 KCOP 13 (IND)

XEWT (IND-Spanish) was broadcasting on VHF 12, but was not carried on Mission Cable yet. It aired from about 4pm-10pm.

Some viewers could get KEYT 3 (ABC) from Santa Barbara. TV Week listed programming for that channel in the San Diego Union.

Also note that in 40 years, the only cable channel hasn't had a station change call letters or network affilliations, and hasn't hosted a different channel during the entire time is KFMB-TV. Cable 6 still has XETV, but its affilliation had changed to Independent in 1973 to FOX in 1986 to CW in 2008. Cable 10 had KGTV changing calls to KOGO, then changing its affilliation to ABC in 1977. Cable 12 began hosting XEWT the same day KPBS (formerly KEBS, now PBS) moved to cable 11 in 1991. Cable 13 dropped KCOP (then UPN, now MNT) at the station's request in favor of picking up XHDTV 49 (then UPN, now MNT) in 1999. Cable 5 got the present KSWB (then WB, was CW in 2006, now Fox in 2008) while KTLA (now CW) moved to cable 14 in 1995. Cable 7 had TBS for a short while in 1982, then got KCST in 1983 (became NBC in 1977, changed calls to KNSD in 1988.) Cable 9 got KUSI 51 when it signed on and dropped KHJ in 1982. Cable 4 is now home of 4SD, a local origination cable channel, in 1997, and lost KNBC due to the station's demands for payment for carriage on its system in 1993. Cable 4 was also part time home for ITV and the now defunct Christian Communications Network and Rainbow Channel local cable channels. Cable 3 has been ESPN since Cox moved KCST to cable 7 in 1983. KCST got ABC in 1973, then NBC in 1977. Cable 2 has been USA since 1983, moved KNXT to cable 24 for a year, then dropped KNXT.

Anybody got any retro cable channel lineups?


Jay Allen Sanford Feb. 28, 2009 @ 8:49 p.m.

Astounding memory!! I don't suppose you have any recollections of vintage San Diego Public Access cable TV programming? We're working on a Reader article about old Public Access music shows through the years, and we'd love to talk to you if you have memories we can quote ---- article outline so-far is on the Reader Rock Around the Town blog:


davidtanny March 2, 2009 @ 7:38 p.m.

I have one memory of what I saw on Community Video Channel on cable 24. It was about 1978. There was a film called "Bogaton Video" or whatever it's called, and they showed a parody of Rocky that was called "Bear", there was a shot of a deer in a convertable, and the camera panned to the front of the car and when it stopped on the hood, we saw a hunter tied down onto the hood. There was also a funny programming announcement about a college football game where the USC Trojans would meet the Washington State Diaphrams in an intercourse game or something like it. Wish someone would post it on Youtube. That was probably the weirdest thing I saw on early cable TV.

Anybody want to add to this?


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