I'm disturbed this week with a few things.

First of all, the new law in Arizona discussing the Police and their handling of illegal aliens. I've heard so much about this from so many sources, so I decided to investigate myself. Here's what I found out: This law is virtually a copy of the Federal Law, but it gives local and state police the same powers that the federal authorities have. This means that, in the course of normal law enforcement activities, if the state or local police find a person, or persons, who can not produce any identification showing they have a legal right to be in the United States, the police can detain that person or persons. The law has been amended to provide that the only time an officer can ask for identification is in the investigation of a crime. So, let's walk through this in a typical situation - A Police Officer stops a car for speeding. The Officer requests license and registration, but the driver has no license and has difficulty communicating in english. The Officer can detain the driver and the passengers who can not produce identification and can turn them over to INS. The problem with this law is ????????? Any foreign national who is in this country legally is required to carry their passport and visa or their green card with them. Any foreign national who is not in this country legally should be shipped back to wherever they come from. Illegal aliens are just what the name says - illegal. Aside from the basic legal rights we grant every human being in this country, they should get nothing. The only way we should assist them is give them food and shelter in a detention center while they are awaiting deportation back to their home country. That means we should not give them a driver's license, a car registration, a bank account, a social security number, medical care (aside from emergency care - a basic human right), welfare, food stamps, or any other benefit of living in this country, because they violated the law when they entered this country. They are, simply put, criminals the moment they cross the border. Let me also say that I don't care where the illegal alien is from - Canada, Mexico, Poland, Israel, Kenya, Norway, etc. - I Don't Care! File the appropriate paperwork, wait your turn, and enter the United States legally. Just one more thing - If an illegal alien has a child while illegally in the United States, that child should NOT be an automatic citizen of this country. The law says the parents must be in United States jurisdiction for the child to be a citizen, and the fact that the parents are here illegally means they are not in our jurisdiction.

Next topic - the new lead abatement requirements. The Federal Government has so much time on it's hands it has found a way to cost all of us thousands of dollars to remove lead paint from homes and commercial properties built before the mid 1970's. Here's the law in a nut shell - All licensed contractors must be certified to deal with lead abatement as part of their license (About a $2000.00 cost according the the contractors I have spoken with). When these contractors work on a property built before the mid 1970's, they have the obligation to check the property for possible lead contamination. The contractor is then required by law to test any suspicious area inside or outside that property, and are then required to remove that lead contamination, and the tests and abatement are all billed to the home or business owner. This law went into effect on April 22, 2010. While I understand the need for lead abatement, I question the need for this law, given the fact that almost all of the lead contamination inside and outside those older homes and businesses has been removed already, and the cost that will be paid by every person doing work on their properties because of the added cost to contractors.

Next on the list is the City Council - What are you doing??? You create a proclamation condemning Arizona? What does that have to do with you? Worse - does that mean being an illegal alien is OK with you? What a waste of time at taxpayer expense! I hope Arizona passes a proclaimation condemning the City of San Diego for stealing money from it's employee's pension system and the general corruption of this Mayor and City council! Those are at least things that were done illegally!

Finally, I have to say I'm surprised at myself, I agree with Donna Frye on the Strong Mayor. Power corrupts, Absolute Power corrupts absolutely! The Mayor should be a partner with the City Council, not superior to it. This Mayor is a bad example, because of the broad corruption of his entire administration, but the Mayor should never be in a position where he can dictate to the City Council. This control creates an environment of inside deals and overt dishonesty, with no checks and balances.

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