When the universe is ready to move for you, strap on your seatbelt because you are going for an E-Ticket Ride! That is what we are experiencing right now and it is an awesome thrill-ride filled with excitement and joy!

When we moved into our previous location, we gave thought to either staying there for a long time or out-growing it before the 3-year lease ended. Keyword: previous. It was in August 2010 that we asked the congregation if they thought we deserved... "a nicer facility - perhaps a newer building with easier parking, more restrooms - maybe even central air."

We set our intention, held visioning sessions, met with our advisors, and just kept staying strong in Confidence and Faith as we took each step that was in front of us in the moment. As time progressed toward our Dec. 30th end-of-lease date, we formed a back-up plan to hold Sunday services at a hotel while we continued our search for our perfect New Spiritual Home. When we let go of our attachment to what church looks like and what 'stuff' we needed to 'do church' the pace moved into high gear.

With less than two weeks left on our lease, three individuals were powerfully drawn to the same block in San Diego that led us to The Hope Building on Sixth Avenue. The Hope Building is exactly what we said we wanted - and more! It has a rich San Diego history with renowned architect Frank L. Hope and has been used as an educational facility for quite some time. It has an energy of creativity and learning that is right in alignment with the vision and mission of San Diego Center for Spiritual Living.

Our Annual Interfaith Candle Lighting Ceremony was the perfect occasion to announce the miracle of our birth into a new location. The nights started growing shorter and the days longer while we revisited furnishing decisions for the new floor plan. We had 8 days to keep the temple flame burning, and it burned more brightly than ever for those sacred days.

Dec. 26th was our last service at the previous location. How wonderful that it was also our Burning Bowl Release Ceremony as our congregation collectively released attachment to the old and made room in their lives for their New Spiritual Home. We car-pooled over to our new place to share the beautiful demonstration of our visioning while "the guys" started moving truckloads of chairs and other furnishings into the sanctuary.

San Diego Center for Spiritual Living is normally dark the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day, but this year dark had a different meaning. It meant no public business conducted, but radiant light shining brilliantly in all the activity of completing the physical move process from old to new. It meant people working together and getting to know each other at a deeper level – some meeting for the first time and forming fast friendships.

As our settling in continues, we move into the New Year in the New Location with Gratitude & Love and claim our 2011 Theme of Explorations in Consciousness. Not missing a beat, we held our first service in our new Sanctuary on Sunday, January 2, 2011, with our Annual Affirmative Prayer Process. We are still unpacking and setting up the new space to meet the needs of our congregation and welcome the many new people who are drawn to this sacred space in one of San Diego’s most historic downtown areas – Cortez Hill.

The new location of San Diego Center for Spiritual Living is 1441 Sixth Avenue, between Beech and Ash Streets, in downtown San Diego. We may be reached by telephone at (619) 491-3087, via our website at www.sdcsl.org or through email: [email protected] . On Sunday we hold Meditation at 10:00 a.m. and our Celebration and Children’s services are at 10:30 a.m. Allow your heart to be nurtured as you join us for a positive, uplifting message in Practical Spirituality as we welcome you to your new Spiritual Home on Cortez Hill in downtown San Diego.

Watch for Rev. John's enthusiasm in greeting people out on the sidewalk on Sunday mornings!


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