This won't be your typical neighborhood blog, but let's consider that it'll be a good read anyway.

Now this isn't true in all cases, but it's a common observation that's managed to replay itself out a few times in my life. So I may be wrong in launching the pigeonhole but..... it's my blog.

I've noticed this with many younger girls that I have encountered out in the Gaslamp, PB, MB, USD, and also SDSU.

Most men are wired to conformity when it comes to relationships with women, and by conformity I mean that most men go out to bars or join the college party scene to pick up on girls. And picking up on girls means that they get the girl interested, use her for what the guy deems necessary, then tosses the girl aside like a Zune player. (on a side note, does anyone even have a Zune, doesn't the whole world use an iPod?)

Now there's quite a few "keepers" out there... and women do claim they are looking for the man who is nice, and sensitive, and caring, and thoughtful, and the furthest from chauvinistic as a guy can get.


When it actually comes down to it, 8 out of 10 women (I have no source for that statistic, it's an observation) will choose the chauvinistic guy who has practiced his pick up routine on 100's of women prior. Then women complain and moan about how "there's never any good guys out there" and "they always end up with the jerks..."

Well guess what.... it's a woman's own insecurities and underdeveloped decision making abilities to actually choose what's good for them long term; they'd rather have the instant gratification factor over the happy life factor any day, assuming that the happy life factor will be too boring and predictable. The woman wants to make herself feel validated, and maybe even boost up the self esteem chart a few nothces. Yet, if they actually gave it a chance, they'd see that there's more long term excitement when you do things with someone you remotely care about VS the 'bad boy' glorification.

As a disclaimer, this isn't true of all women, just a portion of them. But in all fairness, it's more like a Jabba the Hut portion, not an Olsen twin portion.

There are some women in my life that are 100% guilty of that flaw; and yes... I am calling it a flaw because it's voluntary blindness.

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