Is Jesus for Romney or Obama?

It might be easy to think that Jesus would endorse the most conservative Evangelical Christian in the running. Surprisingly, that might be the wrong assumption.

Christianity has emerged over the last two millennia into a fragmented, infighting religion that Jesus himself would have a hard time recognizing as the movement he started.

As long as so many politicians are touting their faith as a reason to vote for them, we can wonder what Jesus himself would think of them. What would he think of the twenty thousand denominations of Christianity in the world today? What would he think of our leaders? What would he think of our values and priorities?

Jesus was a man who rejected formal religion. He was a guy who gave up what he owned to go help the poor, the sick, and the helpless. By most counts, he approved of a separation of church and state.

Jesus used his gifts to help others. Maybe it could be argued that those who are applying their skills to public service, whether in Africa, in Washington, or elsewhere, are in a way behaving more Jesus-like than others. Maybe those in the medical field, dedicated to alleviating human suffering from disease and physical harm, are somewhat more Jesus-like. Maybe those who work in charities and foundations committed to improving lives, and maybe those working in relief organizations, are, too.


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