this fairie's a fine Christmas muse

will'ed to frighten away the blues

for sadness is a fearful thing

cruel in winter or in spring*

so in this winter of our hearts

when children's laughter too soon departs

our hunger for those laughing sounds imparts

a deadly strangling in our breasts

then sadness colder then the snow

painful hearts know not where to go

our souls are reeling from the dread

our minds rush out to find the dead

to pull them back not let them leave

can this fairie's magic create relief

that pain that rains down this earthy gloom

perhaps she can't "they're gone too soon"

Christmas was not the magic broom

that swept that horror from the room

now feed the birds within your hearts

feed them love and bright scraps of care

let them know you won't despair

nourish them with hope your hearts repair

each precious one will long be missed

to each one send that long soul kiss

blow it from your lips and then

remember them on Memorial Day

remember and put your guns away

lock them up tight and pray

the pain they cause will sway

those who could change the rules

turn guns back to hunting tools

safeguard children everywhere

and save us all from harsh despair


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