Outdoor San Diego Entries for February, 2009


Mexican Coral Trees, Manzanita Shrubs, Hummingbirds, Venus and the Crescent Moon

Mexican Coral Trees or "naked corals," are showing their stuff this season by bearing and baring scarlet, flame-like flowers on ...

Ice Plant, Ceanothus, Low Tides, and a Planet/Moon Gathering

Ice Plant is responsible for many of the carpet-like splashes of yellow, pink, red, and purple we're beginning to see ...

Ocean Temps, Lupines, Tree Heights and No Moon on Valentine's Day

Ocean Water Temperatures, of late in the high 50s Fahrenheit, are finally on the upswing this month as the daylight ...

Frost-Nipped Legacies, Ornamental Pear Trees, Very Low Tides, and a Full Moon

The Frost-Nipped Legacies of the holiday season's cold spells should not be hard to spot, especially in the inland areas ...

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