Outdoor San Diego Entries for December, 2008


The Fabled Green Flash, Liquidambar Trees, and Jupiter-Mercury-Venus and the Moon in the Southwestern Sky

Liquidambar Trees, or sweet gums, the colorfully deciduous trees gracing front yards, parks, and campuses throughout the San Diego area, ...

Winter Solstice, Hiking to High Places, Ripening Palm Fruit

Winter Solstice, the moment when the sun reaches its southernmost point on the celestial sphere, occurs this year at 4:04 ...

Poinsettias, Exceptional Tides, the Moon of Longs Nights, and the Geminid Meteor Shower

Poinsettias, a favorite of backyard gardeners, are now exhibiting their scarlet, petal-like bracts, just in time for the holidays. The ...

Shorebird Watching, Earliest Sunset, Cross-Country Skiers, and Toyon

Shorebird-Watching enters its most agreeable season this month, with migrant and resident birds sharing common winter grounds. Egrets, herons, terns, ...

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