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Local author Jenz Johnson will be hosting a free presentation on Mobile Learning: Turning your Mobile Device into a Second Brain at the North Park Library (3795 31st Street) on Tuesday, July 16 at 6 p.m.


Johnson has taken his expertise in the field of technology to create an introductory workshop that is “designed to teach beginners the basics of using their mobile devices to read, take notes, study and incorporate technology courteously into their everyday lives,” says Johnson.

While much of this information may be second nature to those who grew up in the era of the internet and mobile devices (anyone born after 1980?), Johnson offers more than just tips on how to use the Google. He outlines a way of life.

“If you know the group of friends with whom you are dining is likely to fall into a debate about politics, you can save pieces of articles, charts and quotes to back up your points of view,” Johnson says.

“If you know you’ll be talking sports, you can use your mobile brain to do more than just settle arguments as to which quarterback had the most touchdown passes—anyone could Google that—you can delve deeper into arcane knowledge and save the most salient bits on your phone to rip apart over dessert.”

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