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If full moons are your thing than you're in luck, because hundreds of them can be seen Saturday afternoon lined up along a stretch of train tracks outside the Mugs Away Saloon in Orange County.

July 14 is the annual "Mooning of the Amtrak Day," an event which draws hundreds of people from all over the world to the Mugs Away Saloon in Laguna Niguel for beer, booze, and butts.

For 33 years now Southern California residents have lined up along a chain link fence to drop their pants for train riders.

In recent years, Orange County law enforcement agencies have cracked-down on the event, outlawing open containers and alcohol consumption and enforcing parking restrictions along the tracks.

The flab...I mean the flub over the event came after nearly 10,000 residents showed up for the mooning extravaganza in 2008. Shortly after that, Laguna Niguel city councilmembers began enacting ordinances meant to scale down the events. It seems to have worked. According to the Orange County Register, crowds began to dissipate and last year didn't surpass 50 at any one time.

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