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Pictured: PLNU's Greek Theater

Time to visit another of San Diego’s hills.

Hill Street in Point Loma has an appropriate name. The street goes straight up a two tier hill from Sunset Cliffs. It’s not a particularly long hill but if you position it near the middle of an eight and a half mile run, it can give you a great workout.

To get to Hill Street, start at Robb Field in the parking lot behind the basketball courts. Take the path down to dog beach and run across the parking lot to Brighton. Take Brighton to Abbot and follow along to Niagara, just kind of work south and east until you hit Sunset Cliffs.

Why not just go up Newport to Sunset Cliffs? You can but there are a lot of intersections and a lot of cars. Once you get onto Sunset Cliffs, take it all the way down to Hill St. There it is, your best friend, a steep hill with a view.

At the top of the hill, take a right onto Moana and then a left onto the Point Loma Nazarene campus. Just wave and smile as you go by the security shack.

Take the first two lefts on campus and follow Pepper Tree Lane along past the historic Greek Amphitheater. The amphitheater was built by the theosophical society in 1901.

Stay with Pepper Tree Lane as it winds to the bottom of the hill. Take a left at the stop sign into the parking lot of Young Hall and access Sunset Cliffs State Park at the north end of the parking lot. Follow the main trail back to Ladera Street, turn toward the ocean, pick up Sunset Cliffs again and head back to Robb Field. If you want, you can take Cable straight through Ocean Beach and into the park.

Drive from Robb Field over to Newport and get a milkshake at Hodad’s.

Here's a link to a map and directions: http://www.mapmyrun.com/routes/view/110255199

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