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“Sonic Sauce is a small, low-key, modest, and blow-your-mind daytime music festival for lovers of independent music,” says Aural Gravy Records honcho David Minao of the two-day, 12-band event happening February 11 and 12 at at U-31 on University Avenue, running run from 1 to 8pm each day.

The fest will include performances by Rumspringa, Bullet & Snowfox, the New Kinetics, the Very, Schitzophonics, Tan Sister Radio, the Colourist, the New Limb, Kelsea Little and the 78s, This Time with Feeling, Peachy Keene, and Sledding with Tigers, with each band playing around 40 minutes.

“When organizing this event,” says Minao, “we asked ourselves who are some amazing artists that have not been getting enough attention that people would really enjoy seeing? And that is how we came up with this list of bands. We think they are awesome, and we’d be willing to bet you’d agree.”


Saturday, February 11

Rumspringa – 7pm

Bullet & Snowfox – 6pm

The New Kinetics – 5pm

The Very – 4pm

Schitzophonics – 3pm

Tan Sister Radio – 2pm

Sunday, February 12

The Colourist – 7pm

The New Limb – 6pm

Kelsea Little and the 78s – 5pm

This Time with Feeling – 4pm

Peachy Keene – 3pm

Sledding with Tigers – 2pm

All tickets are general admission, 21-and-up. Weekend pass $8, Saturday pass $5, Sunday pass $5. Purchase tickets at http://www.auralgravy.com/?p=395

U-31 will be serving food. Saturday specials: $3 burgers, $3 calls and drafts; Sunday specials: $5 pulled pork sandwiches, Texas chili nachos, and Jersey bites.

Sponsored by: Aural Gravy (http://www.facebook.com/auralgravy), U-31 (http://www.facebook.com/u31bar), and Owl & Bear (http://www.facebook.com/owlandbear).

Image (The Very)

According to its website, local Aural Gravy Records “sells pre-recorded music created by a select group of San Diego artists. Specifically, the company specializes in the production of quality alternative or indie music.” The label’s roster so far includes releases by the Very, Kelsea Little, and the New Kinetics.

Image (Kelsea Little)

“We describe our company as an independent, community-based record label,” says Minao. “It is ‘independent’ because its artists are free to write, record, and produce their music independently of the constraints and limitations that might otherwise be imposed upon their songs and albums by major commercial record labels. Aural Gravy encourages self-reliant creative expressions, experimental yet simple, direct, primal, and exciting. It is called ‘community-based’ because it promotes and draws its talent from the local music scene, puts on local shows, and distributes its records to local stores.”

Image (New Kinetics)

“Our music is intended to top off, or enhance your day, just like oh-so-fine gravy over your mashed potatoes. When you are driving in your car, or working out, or lying in the sun, apply a coating of our aural gravy, and you will be feeling fine!”

Image Aural Gravy is seeking local bands for its growing roster.

“Instead of demanding full ownership of a band’s records, as the majors do, we share ownership of the recordings with the band, and the band will never lose the rights to its music. You won’t ever owe us any money, no matter how many records are sold. And once we commit to a project, we don’t pull out at the last minute, as many of the bigger labels have been known to do.”

Bands can choose from two possible royalty options for the sale of the artist’s music:

Option A: The label pays for everything, and then the artist and the label split the profits 60/40 (60% for the label, 40% for the band) after the label has recouped its investment.

Option B: The label and the artist invest equal amounts of money into one large pool. The label recoups its investment first, the artist recoups its investment second, and then the artist and the label split the profits 50/50.

“At this point in time, Aural Gravy is able to keep the cost of a full record promotion down to about $4500. In Option A above, Aural Gravy would pay this entire amount. In Option B, the band and the label would each pay about $2250.”

The label accepts unsolicited demo submissions, though there are a few requirements:

  1. The artist’s music falls into the alternative/indie genre. Aural Gravy specializes in three branches of alternative music: postpunk, indie pop, and garage rock.

  2. The artist must have a complete band, including a real drummer (but not necessarily on the demo).

  3. The artist must live in San Diego.

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Jay Allen Sanford Jan. 29, 2012 @ 9:11 a.m.

"Regrettably, we have to postpone the festival because of some logistical complications with the venue," reports Aural Gravy. "Everything is on hold for the time being."


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