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Sometimes it takes out-of-town guests to remind me of the beauty of San Diego. Recently I had a few Midwesterner visitors staying with me that wanted to explore San Diego. Our first stop was Balboa Park. I love the diversity of Balboa Park. It's filled with art enthusiasts, performers, tourists, and locals. I think I am going to attempt to make their free Tuesdays a weekly outing.


I spotted Melissa and Mark discussing a play Melissa was writing for Circle Circle Dot Dot Theatre Group.

Names: Melissa and Mark

Ages: Both are 34

Occupations: Melissa-Actor, Artist and Writer, Mark-Street Artist

I am in love with both of their shoes. I am a fan of simple suede boots on guys. I once bought my husband a pair of boots like Mark’s and he flat out refused to wear them. He said they looked too European. If you look closely, you'll notice that there is a leopard print on the heel of Melissa's shoe.


I found these three performers near the Reuben H. Fleet Science Musuem. A big crowd gathered to watch their ineteresting Cirque du Soleil style performance.


Name: Alma

Occupation: Marketing Manager

Alma's adorable dress is from Banana Republic

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