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Becoming a yoga instructor is a popular idea these days. I heard that local soprano and recent college graduate Elisa Jordan was finishing a certification course today. I decided she needed a pop quiz.

Sdreader: What inspired/possessed you to take on yoga instruction?

EJ: I think it's one of the healthiest part-time jobs to have with singing--a job that focuses on calming the mind and strengthening the body. I can also take my certification anywhere I go and create a flexible work schedule that works with auditions and gigs. What job could be better suited to singing? However, it's more than that. It [the certification process] has shown me how much I desire yoga to be a big part of my lifestyle.

Sdreader: Why did you choose CorePower and what was the curriculum?

EJ: I have been a member of CorePower for over a year, so it is my home studio and the yoga style I am familiar with. CorePower regularly has an eight week teacher training intensive program that is accessible for members. It is an eight week, 200 hour intensive certification program consisting of lectures, posture clinics, community projects, and learning to teach CorePower's C1 sequence.

Sdreader: What was the cost?

EJ: It varies for each person's position as a member, non-member, etc. I am an auto-pay member so it was about $2000 for me. It is worth every penny!

Sdreader: What are your prospects/ opportunities for teaching?

EJ: The opportunities are endless but you create the opportunities. The energy you puto it will be reflected in the result. I am in the midst of learning how I want to incorporate teaching into my life and which demographic is my niche. Children/Family yoga is rising in popularity, Chair Yoga with seniors, AcroYoga, etc. The list is almost endless because teachers are creative and create opportunities within their niche. I am considering a Yoga niche specifically designed for musicians and singers. Yoga has been prospering during the recession probably because people are stressed.

Sdreader: Talk a little about yoga philosophy.

EJ: Most people think yoga is a religion. It is not. Yoga stems from the the Sanskrit word "Yuj" which means "to yoke." Classically, yoga's purpose is to find realization of the innermost self, which enables one to yoke or find union of the self to the divine. There are many paths to find this union of self. Many religions have injected Yogic philosophy into its practice such as Hinduism and Buddhism. However, I think it's important to look outside of dogmas and see that one can be a Christian, Agnostic, Muslim, and a yogi.

Sdreader: Which school of yoga appeals most to you?

EJ: CorePower teaches Power Vinyasa Yoga so it is a very athletic flow. However, CorePower incorporates other styles and fusions of yoga such as Hot Yoga, aka Bikrim yoga, a gentler Yin Yoga or even Pilates. I enjoy the athletic form of yoga offered at CorePower because it encourages me to exercise and live healthfully. I had years of self disappointment because I wasn't athletic. Power Vinyasa Yoga and Hot Yoga became outlets for which I could begin to feel and become stronger, leaner, and graceful. However, this style may not be suited for everyone. There are many styles that will suit anyone's personality and body.

Sdreader: Do you have a guru?

EJ: I don't.

Sdreader: What is your favorite mantra?

EJ: "Om, Shanti, Shanti, Shanti." The three sounds of "Om" signifies the alpha, you/us, omega. It is believed to be the sound of the universe .Physiologically it is one of the most resonant sounds we can make with our bodies. I find that relationship is interesting. Shanti means peace in Sanskrit.

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