Hanged up in houses, it doth very well attemper the aire, coole and make fresh the place to the delight and comfort of such as are therein. ~~By John Gerard, 1597.~~

The fragrance of lavender hangs in the air and soothes and tranquilizes the senses. Did you know that Queen Victoria was a great enthusiast in the use of lavender? She appointed Miss Sarah Sprules “ Purvey of Lavender Essence to the Queen.”

Lavender was very fashionable among the ladies of the Victorian Era and they would purchase it from street sellers. Fresh lavender was dried and put into muslin bags for wardrobes, used to wash walls and furniture and lavender bags were stuffed between sheets in linen presses. Lavender was used to repel inspects, treat lice, as a perfume and a potpourri, in furniture polish and soap and as a cure-all in household medicine cupboards. Smaller bags were made for young women to wear in their cleavage in hopes of attracting a suitor.

Add a muslin lavender bag to your dryer when drying your linens and sheets. It can be used up to 25 times before the scent has faded and you need a new bag. (Note: remove lavender from the decorative colored bags and place in muslin bags or you will stain your laundry items...use muslin bags only for the dryer)

Use of the lavender sachets deters moths and protects your clothes as well as scenting them. You can also lay sprigs in drawers and chests or hang them in the airing cupboard.

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