As my boyfriend and I loaded furniture into our newly purchased home about a year and a half ago, we immediately noticed the trailer parked near our driveway. It was a definite eye sore, but we didn't really notice it when we initially looked at the house. Maybe it was the stars in our eyes that made us miss all kinds of details, since we were purchasing our first house ever and only the inside mattered to us, at the time. Not only did we not notice the trailer, but things popped up left and right that we did not initially notice: our other neighbors outside decor, for instance. Apparently, they are 'artists', and what they consider 'art', we consider it junk. Our driveway is long, extends to the back, and we, therefore, have to share part of it with these 2 sets of neighbors: the 'artists' and the people who think its ok to have an old, falling apart trailer, with someone living in it, nonetheless. One prime example of the 'art' we are subjected to is a home made, porcelain elephant, about 2-3 feet high, that stands, or more appropriately, LEANS against the trunk of a tree, at the very top of the driveway, nearest the regular street. It wouldn't be so bad, if it did not also have a huge, home made, procelain flower, that is actually supposed to be a tree, to accompany it. But it looks nothing like a tree to me. And to top it all off, they sit in front of a home made, porcelain, doll house. A doll house! A broken one at that. I don't even understand why it sits next to the elephant? I have driven by this horrid display of 'art' numerous times, and I always have a fleeting moment of picking these things placed randomly near our house (heaven forbid someone thinks they are ours), and breaking them in the street, or throwing them away, and if the neighbors ever asked me, I would blame it on some delinquent kids that must have passed by... The artists are actually one of the nicest couple ever, regardless of their taste, so I can never bring myself to actually do what I consider to be a neighborhood favor by disposing of the unsightly 'art'. I have tried to broach the subject with the husband, but as soon as he started to get defensive, telling me that they are his wife's work of art, I backed off. So, if you are driving down my street, and you notice a porcelain elephant, with a flower/tree, sitting in front of a large, broken doll house, please do remember that this is considered ART to someone, even if that someone is not you or me.


Loves2smile33 Oct. 28, 2008 @ 11:49 a.m.

That is absolutely hilarious!!!! maybe u should hire someone to get rid of the dollhouse! lol!


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