*did I misspell that? God's a better idea, three letters, That other one represents the idea that the Earth is alive.

I know with certainity that something is out there, based on personal experiences with unnatural happenings.

One example is a spirit constantly playing with loose plastic shopping bags. I call it He, I have witnessed many times likes to play with them. The most notable, was once in Needles, Ca., I sat on a concrete slab on the side a Bashas supermarket, it was very hot outside and I sat there sweating, within a tiny bit of shade.

Two bags floated by with their straps as if holdinghands by. All the way down the side of the building and turned its corner, as if strolling to somewhere.

It would be nice if our major political parties cared as much!^

Many many times I have seen individual ones playing on a busy street dodging passing car wheels.

You wouldnt believe when I saw a plastic cup, doing the same in Oceanside, Ca., while I sat at a bus stop on Mission St. near the high school. Not only did it not get squashed by all the passing car tires, it went jubilantly past them ahead of them.

Reading about Robertt Redford in the ARRP magazine, its obvious something favored him. Apparently fairness is not particularly of interest to God.

*I suppose the devils in the details.

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