1. I seldom prepare soil, if its growing weeds, its fertile. remove weeds to begin.
  2. Tools are important, at Apollo military surplus store on Mssion st in downtown Oceanside, Ca. 11/2 block from ocean, you can purchase a small heavy duty pick for $12.95. Do it, its worth it, most picks are too big, too heavy, this one is perfection. Finallly!, I located a metal trowel worth its $3.00 at inside store hand tool section at :Lowes. 3.Check out the seed rack at any 99cent store. They all grow and at 13 cents per packet, what a deal! Forget their digging hand tools, all Chinese fall apart crap, however the pruners are fine, except the grass shears which are instantly worthless. 4, The local tv channels contain a garden show, I seldom visit it, I know it all, (well mostly). Old and wiser, I appear like an Australian sheepherder while the tv gardener needs to do his hair syyle differently, he looks like an escapee from a marijuana farm. However, he would probably be apalled at my new lazy ,method of unweeding unless absolutely necessary, actually I am, but its easier and some weed-flower combinations are actually quite charming, for instance oat grass or wild mustard-I have one in my front flower bed that is a work of art! And lets not forget an excellent groundcover, with its tiny similar to rose bud flowers then turning into open faced flowers, grows and spreads like the weed it is. Scarlet Pimpernichol is its name, named after an archaic Zorro style English radical. Daffy Duck had a starring role as similar except the last name was pumpernichol (as I typed this Judy the duckling outside in front yard exclaimed with noise, just what I dont need to make me paranoic.
  3. A fine decorative mulch is red wood bark, the small size speads better and esier to walk on. Lovely red brown color and indeed, smells great, years ago, I hitched a ride with some Canadians, who visited the California redwoods, immediately hugging one with her male lover, I politely refused. Later they insisted going into Canada to visit a grandmother, there walking in forest, I encountered a mother black bear and cubs, and I immediately skedaddled across a creek and fled to safety. At the relatives cabin, at dinner, she related how in WWII, in France, as her family sat at table eating breakfast, a tank came through the house! Lovely folks, the type that bathe regularly. We(oui) gardeners more tradional.
  4. for a treat while computing, at 99cents store you can buy Rycrispp crackers which have excellent fiber content, superb for nut butters.
  5. One of best helping plants grow were products Superthrive and Miracle Gro's Bloombooster fertilizer. Follow the directions on each, best applied with a sprinkling can, WalMart's better than Lowes, theirs is terrible, and difficult for us oldsters and over priced. Superthrive created in 1940 has a cult following, is a plant stimulant and transplanting medium, whereas Bloombooster is high in phosphates which will stimullate root growth AND intensify your flowers colors instantly. WalMart's is also cheaper for both.
  6. Its Spring! Dont tarry get out there and begin, avoid ducklings at all costs, too much noise. Most of my blogs are specified for local colleges, I had hoped that they do indeed read, so far I'm disappointed, perhaps if I suggest the fertilizers for their illicit plant hobbies. JB OLD, TIRED, AND FEO.


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