Description of sober living garden, to view garden, Saturday or Sunday, between 1:00 and 3;00 p.m best. 951 Civic Center Drive, Vista, Ca. Go to Vista Transit station, from there go to left on Vista Way st. turn right on Sante Fe St., at next McDonalds on right, near, turn right on Civic Center Dr. just passing Sprinter station, On left, take immediate right into driveway, note on your left, large blue and white sign, with large blue letters, “RASSELS CHIROPRATIC CENTER.”, park car. Note on left at sign is a magnificent example of a succulent garden. Sometime past planted, it’s mature plants, a remarkable presentation.

Looking back the direction you came, is a two storied gray building, slightly upgrade, at which on right is a fence enclosed dumpster. Walk up past it to begin to view our garden. On your immediate right by dumpster fence are pots with exotic strap leaved plants. Up a bit on sidewalk passing on right are more pots, belonging to neighbor Jesse’s Upholstery shop in building garage. On immediate right in weed lawn, maybe his duckling in enclosed fence. By the way, the duck only speaks Spanish. (name of duck is Judy after I presume a tv judge) near a large rectangle outdoor table and chairs.

On the left are more pots w/ plants, a rare orange flowering iceplant groundcover, and an oregano herb plant, accompanying a minature rose plant. These do very well, easy to grow and bloom continuously once established. Door with 951 where the poet-gardener resides with two roommates Knock and I’ll give you a tour with instructions if needed. Or volunteered, you know how we gardeners are. My roommate name of Brian can give you a mini tour, but he knows more about the stock market than gardening, and is a McDonalds church member, or it seems like it, he attends daily.

On the right is a massive concrete birdbath donated by Dr. Rassel as well at the 80 feet of Royal Blue morning glories. AMIDST a large bed of flowering plants, mostly annuals and one giant wild mustard . Careful attention is done coordinating colors of flowers, to be pleasant but startling. Note how the lavender petunias are off set by other colors vying for attention. First time for me are the delightful English daisies. The potted rose if not in bloom, name unknown, is as if an abstract painting, of cream and red.

Please don’t disturb plants in any way, and not step into flower beds, but feel free to camera plant beds. On your immediate is more iceplant, various little plants under two castorbean plants made to resemble bamboo growth,. Next is a glorius row of orange calendulas, which I trim off faded flowers to keep then bloom even more. Now across this is a geranium that is competing in height with the vines, in right front of it is a hummingbird salvia that one visits daily hum humming along.

A 10 foot castorbean plant prevents the intrusion by gophers. The worst curse any garden could suffer, one last year stuck his head out of his hole and gave me near, an obscene gesture!

Stop, return theway you came and turn right past the garages to the back entrance across the asphalt driveway there is the sweeping curve of snapdragons all in a wonderful mauve color, and continuing past the spectacular petunias enter the back, on the right...walk across the patio to the next patio and returning, note that patio is bordered by for fragrance, a jasmine vine and gardenias, leave that patio to return via the tiny rug path through an area meant to resemble the beach. To the right the sparse planting, atop the little wall, on purpose to suggest what one would view walking down a dry creek in Arizona.

You’re almost done, rest a bit on the antique park bench on return patio , and proceed to that out of the garden passing a long row of various plants again the snapdragons, a unique color. note the minature roses, they do really well here in all seasons! Seeded in back of them are convovulus, similar to morning glory flowers, but dwarf bushes. The flowers will be neon blue with yellow centers and those edged in white, the slightest breeze produces a sparkling effect.

Now its time for you to go begin your own garden, most of the plants cost as seedlings in a six pack about $2.00. Plant them to save money. A few larger bought on sale, you have to shop carefully, don’t be in a hurry. When you select them, move the containers around to find the best, be happy you got what you need. Gardens are for you to be happy, Thomas Jefferson was a master gardener Is that why he wrote in our constitution we have the right for the “pursuit of happiness?”

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JBPOETGARDENER March 16, 2011 @ 9:07 p.m.

NOT ONE COMMENTt, from anyone... is anyone left alive on planet Earth? Apparently college students are more vacant intellectually than I thought.


nan shartel March 16, 2011 @ 10:44 p.m.

ahhhhh i read u JB...i don't alway comment tho

a tip for u others blogs and leave comments for them then u'll find turn about is fair play..;-D


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