MY BLOG PHOTO AS CRIME VICTIM (wll be on tomorrow) On Nov. 9, 2010, about 4:00 p.m. I disembarked from the North County transit bus #305 from Escondido, Ca., at the Palomar College transit station, intending to go the San Marcos 99 cents store by bus 304, since it had not arrived I went across its drive way to sit on a patch of grass to smoke. Sitting on the lawn at the curb, I suddenly noted across from me at my usual waiting seat for the bus to go To Escondido, what appeared to be a Mexican female bent over sitting with her head between her legs. Standing beside her was what appeared to be an older white male as tall as my standing 6ft.4” self, dressed in an orange satin school jacket matching the same in his long shorts. He was cursing her extremely loudly, and had taken out of his pockets two hardball baseballs….not realizing the danger, I shouted at him saying, “Stop abusing that woman!.” He stared at me then shouted, “You…You MFR!” And came quickly striding to where I sat, filling me with dread because of my diabetes, I cant get up from sitting position quickly, He stood in font of me and tried to kick me, which I somehow blocked, but then with a hardball in his left hand he struck me fast and hard, hitting my right eye, having smashed my glasses, I instinctively turned around to retrieve my glasses knocked to the ground, the nylon lens askew. I attempted to put them back in, turning around he stood cursing me, a young Hispanic approached me, asking “Whats going on?”, but I protectively told him to go on. He did and then the attacker left walking in the direction of Vista, Ca. I then clumsily raised to standing and faced the 15 or so Hispanics sitting staring at me, and I shouted to all, “You cowards, why didn’t you call 911?! At the near payphone, one worked after the other hadn’t, calling 911…I quickly told her the appropiate details and where I was and in shock, confused, disconnected. An oriental male had run to the campus police kiosk, but instead a county sheriff deputy appeared who was very rude, I did manage to repeat the info telling him the direction the attacker went. Responding to the deputy about his manner (officer S.Wilson), he said I “could be arrested!” , then I handed him my ID telling him I have no criminal record, later he begrudgingly returned it. Finally two campus cops arrived, wanted me to stay, but it was getting late, and I told them I had to go get groceries, and I left on the arriving bus 304. I was in shock and bipolar depression for a long long time. Everytime I went out I feared him again, always in dread. I can hardly walk much less run. I had bad headaches and eye aches until recently. (the redness

of my lips came from their swollen reaction.

There simply no reason the campus cops didn’t hear the man when he was screaming or me screaming back at him. About two hours later maybe three, I was by bus and Sprinter at my residence at the sober living facility, and sitting on our back pation with my roommate Brian Young, noted that resident named Terri was up on the slope above looking at me and laughing his head off…but I hadn’t told anyone but Brian and had only a small abrasion above my eyebrow, How did he know haunts me. If you ever have anything you wish to report to the FBI, go to and on left side of front page clicking on Contact and write in. Its another tragedy waiting to happen against someone really old or defenseless, frankly I have little faith in the Sheriff dept., I have supplied them with written information and nothing. I am a pro law enforcement citizen, I wish they appreciated us snitches, that what they call us who risk our own lives to give them information, putting our own lives at risk.

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