Look at what church has done to Jesus.

According to a 2003 study by Veterans Affairs Medical Center, at least one-third of all women veterans have experienced rape or sexual assault during their service primarily US service personnel, thirty percent of military women experience domestic violence. Pill, if taken after unprotected sex, halves risk of a pregnancy.

What they have made of Him. He was one of us.

A key moment comes when Succar's first accuser, whom Lydia calls "Emma”, lures Succar to a Cancun restaurant equipped with a hidden camera set in place by law enforcement officials. In video, Succar describes sex with 4-year-old girls as "my vice" and says he knows he is committing a crime. Armed with such damning evidence, Lydia says authorities do nothing, except tip off Succar about allegations. Heads-up gives him ample time in late 2003 to buy a first-class ticket to United States, where he owns a Los Angeles mansion.

He knew. One of new accusers, identified as Victim 9, testified that he met Sandusky around 2004, when he was 11 or 12. He testified that Sandusky sexually assaulted him numerous times over a period of years in a bedroom in basement of Sandusky’s home.

Ideals they have fouled and made vile.

Pills only dispensed behind counter—making them more difficult for everyone to get. Since about 10 percent of girls are capable of bearing children as early as 11, girls need to be studied as well. Reporters following case are depicted as vile as well. Lydia writes of overhearing a group of male journalists speculating in a smoke-filled room about whether a 12-year-old could enjoy sex and commenting, "old Succar likes young meat."

This didn’t mean that twenty percent of people were free to rob other eighty per cent of means to live.

Study, which looked at Medicare records of more than 130,000 women, found that those who underwent brachytherapy, were about twice as likely to have a mastectomy in following five years—a probable sign that cancer had come back than who received conventional whole breast radiation. Moved by fear her sexuality had been closed off, her right to pleasure.

This didn’t mean for one rich man to sweat piss out of ten thousand poor men so that he can get richer.

Victim 10 testified that he stopped spending time with Sandusky after an incident in Sandusky’s car in which Sandusky allegedly asked boy to perform oral sex on him. Sandusky allegedly became displeased after boy declined request, boy told his foster mother that he did not want to spend any more time with Sandusky.

Succar bribed and pressured his accusers to sign papers recanting their allegations, adding that Emma, in particular, suffers from Stockholm syndrome. Emma didn't want to sign, but her abuser still can dominate her. And the solutions are not rocket science. They do not cost billions of dollars.

Me and Jesus would sit across table and I would look at Him and He would look at me and we would both know that other knew.

Rape occurs in military nearly twice as often as in civilian world. Members of US House of Representatives, including Jackie (D-CA), Susan (D-CA), Carolyn (D-NY), Louise (D-NY), former Congresswoman Jane (D-CA) have pressed military to address sexualized violence. Lydia Cacho was kidnapped and tortured in 2005. And her life is still in danger.


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