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Television viewers in San Diego will soon see a lot more of councilmember Kevin Faulconer. The Republican-endorsed mayoral candidate is the first of the crowded pack to buy ad time on local television stations in the run-up to the November 19 special election to replace former-Mayor Bob Filner.

To purchase the ads, Faulconer and his team enlisted the help of Kurt Snow, Vice-President of Media at Gateway Media, a subsidiary of Sacramento-based political-strategy firm, The Wayne Johnson Agency.

Snow's specialties include "breaking through and holding your audience's attention in today’s message-saturated media environments requires the rare combination of strategic vision, technical excellence and a memorable message that cuts through the clutter."

Clutter is a good word to describe the upcoming special election. And, with more than a dozen candidates, Faulconer, a soft-spoken councilmember, will need to attract the spotlight away from other bigger-named candidates which include former State Assemblyman Nathan Fletcher, popular-populist councilmember David Alvarez, and historic preservationist and community advocate Bruce Coons.

According to a advertisement-buy inquiry submitted to the local CBS affiliate, KFMB, Faulconer plans to run thirty-second spots during all "day-parts" beginning on October 5 and lasting through November 18, the day before the special election.

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Sebastian612 Oct. 21, 2013 @ 2:45 p.m.

Here we go, again ... or ... same 'ol, same 'ol ... the BIG money will decide ... the developers ... the labor unions ... The Chamber of Commerce ... even Qualcom has a horse in the race. But who represents US ... the so-called "little people"; often referred to as the "unwashed" or "uninformed voters"; the TAXPAYERS. The answer is NOBODY.

I reside in Faulconer's district. Getting him to do ANYTHING for the "little people" has been impossible -- he has bigger fish to fry. His landmark achievement is the preservation of the fire rings on the beach. Massive potholes are another issue. The other leading candidates are no better; most have been feeding at the public trough for decades.

So buckle your seat belts, get your checkbook out and prepare for more of the same. Bob Filner's crowning achievement was getting rid of the "rip-off red-light-camera entrapment program. Will the new mayor bring them back???


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