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A man held in custody almost six years awaiting trial on a murder charge made a plea deal admitting manslaughter.

Brian Lee Olsen, 40, was charged with murder after police shot and killed the female passenger in his car the night of November 1, 2007. Olsen made his plea deal on September 9, 2013.

Olsen was also charged with three counts of assault-with-a-deadly-weapon for reportedly driving his car towards police when he attempted to flee. San Diego County prosecutors described Olsen as driving towards multiple officers and ramming and damaging four cars and injuring one officer.

It was already dark at 7:46 p.m. when Brian Lee Olsen left his home on Olive Avenue in Carlsbad, California. Olsen was with a woman who was the wife of a gangster, according to sources. Brian Lee Olsen, then 34, and his female companion Esther Elizabeth Evans, 22, were allegedly members or associates of the same gang, called PEN1.

(PEN1 stands for Public Enemy Number One. Police have described this gang as “an unusual hybrid” of a skinhead gang and street gang and prison gang. In the year 2006, that gang reportedly had a “hit list” containing the names of one prosecutor and five police officers in Orange County, according to certain sources.)

There were at least three unmarked cars containing undercover peace officers from Costa Mesa, which arrived that November night. In early statements, police claimed they did not see the female get into the passenger side of Olsen’s car, parked in his drive.

Two law enforcement vehicles pulled up behind Olsen’s vehicle.“It was night time and the officers’ vehicles did not have the lights turned on,” according to statements of defense attorneys. “Defendant was already backing his vehicle out of the driveway.” Police later stated they came for Olsen because he failed to check in with his parole officer.

Brian Olsen believed he was being rushed by the woman’s husband or other PEN1 gangsters, his attorneys asserted. “Defendant believed he was under attack and backed down the cul de sac to escape;” attorneys’ statements are found in the court file.

“Officers opened fire,” one attorney stated, and “twenty-seven (27) rounds were discharged and every round went into the passenger side of defendant’s vehicle.”

One bullet entered Esther Evans’ right ear, it traveled from front to back and right to left. The young woman was kept alive for two days preparing for organ donation before she was declared dead at hospital.

The officers claimed they identified themselves before Olsen tried to ram them with his car. At least one civilian witness made a statement that he was not able to tell it was policemen who were rushing the Chevy Tahoe backing out of the driveway.

Olsen’s defense attorney Mark Fredrick stated: “The police acted outrageously and used excessive force and have fabricated a story.” The attorney claimed that certain officers from Orange County colluded to concoct facts and commit perjury and cover up wrongful actions.

Brian Lee Olsen pleaded guilty last week to voluntary manslaughter and two counts of assault on peace officers using a deadly weapon – his vehicle. Olsen made a deal the day before jury selection was to start, on September 9, 2013.

In San Diego’s North County Superior Courthouse, the Honorable Judge Harry Elias immediately sentenced Olsen to 13 years and 8 months prison, per the agreement. Brian Lee Olsen has been held in the Vista jail almost six years; a probation clerk calculated he has 4,277 days “custody credits” so far.

When the shooting incident was first reported in 2007, the accused was named as Brian Lee Olsen, but soon that name was declared to be an alias and he was prosecuted under the name Ronald Jay Sisson. During the plea deal hearing, the defendant stated that his real name remains Brian Lee Olsen.

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Visduh Sept. 14, 2013 @ 8:38 p.m.

So, after the defense attorneys make various claims that would explain the actions of the defendant, they now sign off to a plea bargain that gives him a number of additional years in prison. If they really believed their claims, why the plea bargain? And why has he been languishing in the slammer for six years? Twenty seven rounds of handgun ammunition were fired into the passenger side of his vehicle. Sorry, but the stories told by both sides of this case sound contrived and untrue. If he's going down for almost fifteen years of hard time and is actually innocent, his attorneys have broken their trust. If he really is a gangster, he's getting off too easily. Who are we to believe?


Javajoe25 Sept. 14, 2013 @ 10:43 p.m.

This is just another case of the police going rabid and attacking an unarmed civilian. The guy was backing out of the driveway when two police cars, with their lights turned off, came up behind him. The cops claimed this was how the guy attacked them--obviously bogus--and then they let go with 27 rounds into the passenger side? Who are they trying to hit? The driver who they claimed was attacking them? They why not shoot at the driver? Instead, they shoot at a woman who happened to be with him (also unarmed btw). The poor sap realized the cops were contriving the whole story to protect their insane behavior, and probably realized the quickest way out of prison was to plea to a lesser charge. I think this happens a lot and there are a lot of innocent people in prison as a result of the criminal behavior of the police. They are the most dangerous element in our society now and really need to be reined in.


Ken Harrison Sept. 15, 2013 @ 7:25 a.m.

I like our police force, when creepy guys are hangin' around or bullets start flyin' I want our fine guys and gals in blue to be there. But this story, like Rodney King, Kelly Thomas in OC, and that mental patient guy in Bakersfield recently beat to death, this story smells like som'in fishy. While a bad guy is in jail, as he should be, the way he got there . . . I dunno? Fortunately the increased use of citizen's Iphones provide contrary evidence when bad cops try to cover up their mistakes. The ol', "I initially stopped him for a broken taillight" defense by police agencies doesn't hold up with juries anymore.

I hadn't heard about this story before. Good job bringing it to light Eva!


CaptainObvious Sept. 15, 2013 @ 8:14 a.m.

Just another case of a thug not getting enough time. Flush that turd!--------;"The ol', "I initially stopped him for a broken taillight" defense" rings true, as criminals are generally too stupid for their own good, and like most drivers, fail to inspect their vehicles or use turn signals. Racial profiling exists because it works. Deal with it


ernie1204 Sept. 15, 2013 @ 3:05 p.m.

@captainobvious im sure you are one of those guys that talk trash through a computer and act tough but if you bump into one of us gangsters in the streets you would be like oh im sorry I need to look where im going before I get my self beat up hahaha oh yeah the cops are corrupted but you have to be in the streets to know this not in your house in bed tucked in like a little punk believing what the pigs say to the media to tell us its all a act and the whole system is corrupted so who are the real bad guys here? us innocent civilians or the so call peace officer and scary naïve punks like captainobvious


Jeff_O Sept. 16, 2013 @ 3:14 a.m.

The Costa Mesa PD is notorious for their Wild West, shoot first philosophy. This is the same dept. that brought us Darell Freeman, B of A Vice President and bankster thug. They shot that guys dog and that little girl. Also their former chief is now behind bars for corruption. Something is rotten in Orange County!


ocgurl Sept. 16, 2013 @ 1:55 p.m.

What is not stated int his article is that there was more than just ONE eye witness account from impartial innocent civilians who flatly declared that they didn't know that they were cops nor did they ever hear them identify themselves as such. I have followed this case closely and I can tell you that the police (a) didn't follow any protocal even remotely close to what their training calls for...they shot into a paggangers side of a moving vehicle for Christ's sake in the dead of night, (b) after the incident all of the cops were held in a room TOGETHER to coroborate their story and (c) the cops knew they had royall messed up when they called into Carls bad and told dispatch...nah, we got this, just wanted to let you knw we're here...they didn't want Carlsbad PD there because they had an axe to grind with this man and went into your city with malicious intent to teach him a lesson...and they did. They killed the mother of his children and now he's doing the time for it. Well played Costa Mesa PD..well played indeed.


Psycholizard Sept. 16, 2013 @ 11:41 p.m.

There is more we don't know, but the bizarre legal theory, that the defendant was responsible for police violence far out of proportion to the parole violation that supposedly started the incident, comes from the insanity that is our DA's office. The police can pin this on someone, but they are the killers, make no mistake.


Yankeedoodle Sept. 17, 2013 @ 8:36 a.m.

Psycholizard: I remember a picture in the SD UT in the '90s, of a fellow in a hospital bed, all wrapped up with bandages and broken limbs, receiving with a startled face the warrant for murder that the police in the hospital room were serving him. He had, as I recall, been distraught and waving a gun around at Horton Plaza. Our police, as was their wont in those days, apparently pulled up and laid down a field of fire, shooting him multiple times and killing a bystander. His gun was never fired. Don't know what happened, subsequently, but will never forgot the look on his face as he was served and the rather conscious looks on the policemen's faces.


andrea1971 Oct. 8, 2013 @ 9:37 a.m.

Justice is clearly not served here. He is not a gang member of any kind, that is false. The woman passenger that they mention happened to be a mother of two very young children, I'm so disgusted in the justice system, Who is to blame here for the killing of the young girl? certainly not the cops who opened fired on her, there is no GOD given reason why these officer had to perform in such a matter that they did. Its an abuse of their badge and once again a cop(s) are clear of this so they can go out and do it again. Brain Lee Olsen was not armed, nor has he ever had any violent crimes on his record, now he takes the deal in fear of a jury once again taking police offers side because why?? Oh they are the boys in blue who protect and serve, they can do no wrong. They should be the ones sitting behind bars for a murder charge on and innocent young mother of two who will never know who their mother! Really? And this is justice for them? I stand by Brian 100% I have heard and seen a lot on this case, start looking up these cops history...its all on the thankful internet! POLICE OFFICERS YOU DESERVE TO BE BEHIND BARS! I HOPE THIS HAUNTS YOU EVERYDAY IN YOUR LIFE!


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