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Remember when the lights went out throughout Southern California back in September 2011?

The owner of Oggi's Pizza sure does. On Friday, September 6, Robert Waldon filed a class action lawsuit in federal court against Pinnacle West Capital, the parent company of the Arizona Public Service Company responsible for the transmission of energy to the region.

The complaint alleges that Pinnacle West failed to maintain their equipment so as to prevent any major blackouts, like the one that occurred on the afternoon of September 8 when an maintenance worker accidentally tripped the main power line outside of Yuma, Arizona. The error caused a major spike of electricity, blacking out an area that encompassed portions of Arizona and Imperial, Orange, Riverside, and San Diego Counties. In all, the outage was said to have left approximately 2.7 million customers, or nearly 7 million people, in the dark for just under 12 hours and resulted in an estimated $117 million in loss of revenues to the region.

Attorneys for Waldon are asking other business owners, customers, or even local governments that took a hit to step forward. The class action lawsuit will allow for any person to join regardless of how much they lost during the blackout.

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Visduh Sept. 9, 2013 @ 8:24 p.m.

Oggi's isn't above reproach itself. Some years ago their operation in Vista was implicated in a tragic traffic crash wherein a young man and his close buddy were killed. Seems that the driver (based on the timing and nature of his credit card use) bought and consumed an excessive amount of beer shortly prior to the closing of Oggi's for the night. Witnesses said that he was obviously drunk, yet the bartender/barmaids kept bringing him more. He left the establishment, got the friend to join him, and then took off at high speed and crashed his car, killing himself and the friend.

The families went to great length through the ABC to have Oggi's disciplined. While they denied their intent, it seemed clear that they wanted to put Oggi's Vista restaurant/bar out of business. Whether they succeeded or not isn't clear, but that Oggi's folded about three years ago (my estimate) replaced by a similar operation calling itself, I think, Bobby G's. That lasted maybe a year, and the location near the Vista courthouse on Melrose Drive is still vacant.

In some ways I miss the operation. We ate there a number of times and the food was good (as was the craft-brewed suds). There's nothing quite like it in the area now.

That story doesn't make Oggi's or its owner, Waldon, terribly sympathetic actors in all of this.


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