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As if accessing medicinal marijuana wasn't hard enough for some patients in San Diego County, now it appears that even advocates are having a hard time maintaining access to their name and website.

Last week, an Anaheim-based businessman and former Medical Marijuana dispensary owner Steel Clark Smith III filed a lawsuit against the San Diego Chapter of Americans for Safe Access for trademark infringement.

Smith III claims he has rights to the name 'Americans for Safe Access' after registering it with the United States Patent and Trademark Office in October of last year.

Reads the lawsuit:

Plaintiff is informed and believes and thereon alleges that Defendants are presently using SMITH's Mark on the interne, in email communications, and as well as within various promotional materials, advertisements and signs, without authorization of SMITH.

Plaintiff is informed and believes and thereon alleges that Defendant SAN DIEGO AMERICANS FOR SAFE ACCESS, Defendant SAN DIEGO ASA, and Defendant SAN DIEGO CHAPTER OF AMERICANS FOR SAFE ACCESS, and each of them, use SMITH's Mark throughout their website, "safeaccesssd.org ," as well as on Facebook and Twitter accounts, and that SMITH's Mark is used without authorization...

Plaintiff is engaged in substantially exclusive use and exploitation of SMITH's Mark in connection with the California corporation, ASA National, of which he is an officer, and association arising from the similarity between Defendants' various trade names and SMITH's Mark, harms the reputation of SMITH's Mark...

Smith III is demanding that the advocacy group pay his legal costs and immediately stop using the registered name without his permission.

But the lawsuit grows a bit cloudy when searching the internet for information on Steele Clark Smith III.

His Facebook page shows that he is involved with Idrasil, an alternative Cannabinoid medication said to deliver the benefits of Medical Marijuana without the social stigma attached.

According to Idrasil's website, Smith III's wife, Theresa, is listed as the director.

The search also reveals similar legal threats made to Don Duncan, the co-founder of Americans for Safe Access.

"Respectfully, you have until Friday, September 14 to decide wether or not to bind a mutually beneficial consulting agreement," Smith III wrote to Duncan in an email posted on the website, The Weedly News Otherwise, I must tilt the proverbial dominoes and will have no desire to stop. I already have the documents I need to remove conflicting and confusing ASA images, wherever they appear. That means safeaccessnow.org and all chapters with all hosts, statewide."

And the hits keep coming. Doctor and Medical Marijuana user Allan Frankel wrote a blog on his negative experience with Idrasil and the sketchy interaction with a company representative.

"I was asked by the Idrasil representative to be given the chance to explain to me my serious ignorance. He also wants to tell me why my writing is so poor. Well, I am happy to meet this person, but only in a public area where there can be clear public documentation and recording of what is said. Perhaps a collective would offer a platform? In addition, I will not meet privately with someone much, much taller than myself whom I had to hang up on, as he was screaming at me. Scary guy, scary company, useless medication."

Another result showed that in February 2013, a U.S. District Court Judge found Steele Clark Smith III guilty of Manufacturing of Marijuana and sentenced him to five years of probation.

The defendant shall not engage, as whole or partial owner, employee or otherwise, in any business involving or related to marijuana collectives or dispensaries, without the express written approval of the Probation Officer prior to engagement in such business or employment. Further, the defendant shall provide the Probation Officer with access to any and all business records, client lists, and other records pertaining to the operation of any business owned, in whole or in part, by the defendant, as directed by the Probation Office.

Message left at the Idrasil headquarters for Steel Clark Smith III and with the San Diego Chapter of Americans for Safe Access were not returned in time for publication.

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DonnaLambert May 31, 2013 @ 6:47 p.m.

Interesting history - ASA that is.

As Don Duncan and several others arrived back in the Us from Amsterdam, (allegedly w Dutch syndicate funding) they spread across the state and formed stores, a management group and CannBe Corporation, for which their stated goal was to become the MacDonalds of Marijuana. At some point ASA was formed but I do not know the exact history as far as Steele Smith v Don Duncan I do not that Don Duncan has turned out to be as Ruthless as Al Capone himself, strategically undermining attempts at fair zoning and instead creating chaos and pretending that giving him a restrictive permit so he can be the only one selling marijuana in a given town will be the answer. So far it has made them millions. In addition, Those currently operating under ASA have engaged in Death threats, stalking, harassment, computer hacking, patient database theft, and other nefarious activities that would me a person wonder why they have not been charged under Rico. Yet, one has to wonder why all around this guy people have been arrested, many have gone to prison, yet Duncan himself remains untouched. Enter Davidovich who first surfaced in 2009 during the Operation GreenRx raids. Research on Davidovich case show bizarre coincidences that may or may not have meaning. For instance, he has a small previous court case for which he was a "noshow" in court on June 9, 2008. No warrant was issued for not showing up to court. On June 6, Detective Henderson had went and obtained a medical recommendation to begin making buys for "Operation GreenRx". This had been planned for nearly 6 months. Eugene's case was first routed to one judge but then rerouted to the top Judge, Judge So. On June 12, this case was dropped at the request of the District Attorney. Eugene while working for his brother, went and rented a small office next to a marijuana store, befriended the people, made a few deliveries and 6 weeks later, those stores were raided. It goes on and on like that, I guess if you want the full story, scour theWeedlyNews.com or look for my upcoming book. Take Care, In the end, we all want the same thing, right? NOT. NO Some of us want cannabis accepted for the medicinal plant it is and for patients to be treated with respect and dignity and to be accepted just like any other decent law abiding person. Others would like to create a "two tiered restrictive permitting pot monopoly" to net themselves millions, and continue the reefer madness façade that has ended with normal people cultivating marijuana facing the stress of going to trial to avoid being locked in a cage. I hope Steele Smith wins this battle. It would be a good thing to get ASA back to what it was supposed to be.


ccc June 27, 2013 @ 3:51 a.m.

Complete with a fake non-profit status and a fake board of directors, and all for personal gain. Eugene Davidovich and his group of thugs started collecting monies from the public claiming they were a NON-PROFIT organization called SD ASA.

It was discovered in documents regarding the recent trademark suit in California court case (ASA vs. ASA). And also confirmed by California Cannabis Coalition. We checked the fictitious business name listing in San Diego, there was no listing. Then we checked for S.D.A.S.A. or Eugene Davidovich, once again no listing. Finally, we examined the register of charities, and we get the same results, no listing. This is required that organizations register here as a safe guard and requires that they make public all donations. We find no record of SD ASA filing taxes or any tax free status.

When asked to make the records public for the donations accepted by SD ASA, Eugene Davidovich refused to do so. When asked about the several other web and facebook pages that he is collecting funds for fake MMJ non profits. We have not received any response from Eugene Davidovich regarding these findings.

Now many donors can not file their donations as a tax deductable charity. Thousands of dollars in cash donations are unaccounted for. There are no records of the donors and where the money went for the last 4 years. No posting or public showing of the finances was done as required by law.


Along with his Fake board of directors, Eugene began a systematic attack on every other activist in SAN DIEGO, one at a time. They attempted to discredit each and every one of them and went after their sponsors if they did not go along with him. Used threats and even tried to set up activists in the courthouse, while they where there for support.. All these efforts are to become the one and only voice for the San Diego area. Their other goal is to make very restrictive MMJ rules, which only benefit his private concerns and his pocket book. They have nothing to do at all with the community or public concerns.

He and his team self promoted themselves on the internet creating dozens of fake facebook profiles, web sites, and stole credit of others work to make his self look like a genuine activist. The self promotion is so deep, that you have to literally dig to find the complaints from the public. There were so many complaints that Celebrity Stoner had an article in October about it. It was shucked off by ASA as just a few people complaining. Its time to stand up and say no more. If you donated complain and demand an investigation into the finances of SD ASA. It time to clean up the San Diego MMJ community.


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