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The city of Del Mar sent out a notice March 26 reminding citizens that National Tsunami Awareness Week (March 24-30) is underway, urging residents to take action to ensure preparedness should the California coast suddenly find itself facing a massive wall of ocean water.

Officials are reminding citizens to establish and regularly update a general disaster preparedness plan that includes means for contacting and connecting with family members in the event of a power or communications interruption as well as maintaining a three day supply of food and fresh water.

The California Emergency Management Agency has prepared and is distributing a pamphlet, “How to Survive a Tsunami,” including basic earthquake tips such as seeking cover “under a sturdy table or object,” and advising that coastal residents seek high ground and avoid the coast in an earthquake’s aftermath.

The San Diego County Office of Emergency Services aids the tsunami education effort with a video featuring cartoon crabs aimed at teaching children how to react in the event of such an emergency, and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association also offers a “Tommy Tsunami” and “Ernie Earthquake” coloring book.

Efforts to bring tsunami awareness to the region have been ongoing since 2009, when [“tsunami evacuation route” signs] were installed across San Diego’s beach communities.

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