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Recent revisions to income guidelines under the California Alternate Rates for Energy (CARE) program released yesterday (June 3) could make it easier for many borderline applicants to qualify for a 20 percent discount on utility bills.

Under the old guidelines, which are revised annually, single-person households with an annual income under $22,340 and four-person families with an income of $46,100 or less qualified to apply for the discount. Adjustments to the income guidelines now allow for an individual making $22,980 or less to participate, with an additional $8,040 allowance for each household member.

San Diego Gas & Electric provides an online form customers can complete to apply for the CARE program. Further discounts are available for those using medical equipment that impacts their energy usage. SDG&E says the average participant in the program can expect to save $275 per year in utility bills.

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Founder June 5, 2013 @ 9:13 a.m.

Why Not Energy Freedom Instead of Ratepayer $lavery

Ratepayers want low cost, SAFE energy and Solar is now ready to provide it.

There are only three things standing in the way of FIXING our energy problem:

  1. Our powerful Utilities, who want to keep us in Energy Slavery, so that we will be forced to purchase our energy from them instead of producing it ourselves for FREE (after the initial payback).

  2. Our appointed regulators, who have a too cozy relationship with the very Utilities they regulate! They have been putting Utility shareholder profits ahead of following their sworn mandate and demanding that our "public" utilities provide energy to US at the lowest cost possible! Example: Why should Utilities be allowed to rip off residential solar panel owners by not reimburse them for the energy they add to the grid at the very same rate that the Utility pays itself when it adds energy to the grid? This would "level" the energy playing field and greatly reduce the payback periods of owning your own panels, which would make installing solar even a better deal!

  3. Our Political Leaders are beholden to the Powerful Utilities because of large Utility donations and have been until recently hesitant to propose changes to "how the energy game is played" but now with a shrinking economy, the public resistance to ever higher energy costs and record Utility shareholder profits, energy is becoming a HOT political issue that Political Leaders cannot ignore any longer, if they want to stay in office or get elected.


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