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A group of three men, who were deported from the United States this year after serving prison time, have been arrested in connection with five Tijuana homicides. The men, Bricio Alberto Marroquín, Francisco Álvarez Guerrero, and Víctor Manuel Domínguez Ramírez, were arrested on Thursday, July 11.

According to authorities, the men had been living in the Río Tijuana canal and selling methamphetamine. The men are all from southern Mexico and are alleged to have killed four men and one woman in recent months. The victims are all believed to have lived in the canal as well.

Local governments have pleaded with U.S. law enforcement for years for notification when deporting dangerous criminals back to Mexico.

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FatCatSegat July 12, 2013 @ 11:59 p.m.

Not to knock on Ed Bedford, (The Tin Fork) 'cause I respect and love to read your stuff being a chef myself. When I read your article I wanted to let you know what really happens down there but I didn't want to leave a bad note on what you wrote. Last week or so you began a review describing you walking across the bridge in Tijuana as you noticed some fires along the river beneath. Not quite a river and not a place any human being should live. The homeless here in San Diego live like kings compared to the desperate situation the Tijuana homeless community has to deal with on a daily basis. Everyday, someone is found dead down there. This is commonplace. The citizens despise them, the press ignores them and yet when found out to be deportees, the U.S. is demonized. Last I checked, Mexico has done nothing to halt this barbarian practice except to criticize it. They pontificate about how we exploit the immigrants, yet the powers that be follow the hallowed tradition of bleeding the country dry to fatten their bank accounts. Fix your economy! Deported or not, these people obviously have no regard or respect for human life. The deaths that these people are suspected of are only brought to our attention to demonstrate the failure of our policy to simply let these people loose once their respective state sentences are served and subsequently, they are deported into Mexico. The homeless cause is one that is close to my heart having been on the street and as usual, being on the verge of homelessness every month. That stretch of cement known as the Rio de Tijuana is the most deadliest place I've ever had the displeasure of walking in. Ask anyone who's been in combat or has had their life on the line about the thousand yard stare. Ive seen it throughout my experiences where survival and good training kick in yet, once because of bad navigation and good tequila, I found myself taking a bad turn and suddenly, I found myself walking the edge of the river just after dusk. Within seconds I was aware of movement all around me and in the blink of an eye, I had three individuals ready to pounce on me, Good reflexes and the fear of God saved me that evening from death. Here's the thing. When I looked into these individual's eyes, I saw nothing. A blank, lifeless emptiness in all three of their eyes that showed no remorse or even a care if they took my backpack or my life. What's the solution? All I know is that the most beautiful cities in the world suffer this dilemma. Its time responsibility is placed where it belongs. On each of us. We have the compassion, we carry love and understanding. We just cant get over our petty issues to help each other. Pointing fingers is so easy. Completing tasks? Well thats another issue,...isn't it?


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