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According to recent reports, the Mexican state of Baja California has over 320,000 people living in some form of poverty. The Instituto Nacional de Estadística y Geografía (National Institute of Statistic and Geography or INEGI) census reported that 13% of the state’s population does not have a home or the means to provide adequate daily food.

A report, by El Universal, was published on January 1st using statistics from INEGI and state sources, claims the large amount of those in poverty are migrants moving from southern Mexico to the Tijuana area. The report goes on to say that many migrants are from the state of Chiapas and move to Baja California with no job lined up.

According to a Population and Housing census in 2010, 35% percent of migrants moving within Mexico moved to Baja California in recent years.

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Visduh Jan. 7, 2013 @ 9:03 p.m.

This is an interesting definition of "poverty." Here in the US and especially California, people with weight problems, carrying cell phones, smoking cigarettes, and driving cars can be, and frequently are, considered impoverished. Apparently in Mexico, the definition is notably different, meaning that those who do "not have a home or the means to provide adequate daily food" are considered impoverished. What a huge difference there is, depending upon which side of that line scratched in the dirt, you are on. Many, many, many Mexicans who think they are middle class have to get by on less than our US "poor" folks.


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