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Ninety-two-year-old Benjamin Farber said that a former friend shoved a pillow over his face a year ago, but he survived to testify against her at a hearing in January of this year.

Farber said 60-year-old Donna Lee Darling was visiting him that summer afternoon in 2012, when he became tired and went into the bedroom of his mobile home in Oceanside, to lie down and rest.

(Farber said he had known Donna Lee for 17 or 18 years, and his friend Donna Lee Darling was in his will. “She was in my will.” Not anymore. “Well, we’ve taken her off. Since this incident.”)

“Pretty soon Donna Lee came in, she kneeled down by my bed.” Farber said that suddenly a pillow was slapped onto his face. “With great force.” He said he couldn’t get his breath. “And I was trying to yell for help.” Fortunately the elderly man had a live-in caretaker with him that week, and that woman came into the room and asked what was going on. “She got off me then.” Benjamin Farber said he was then able to sit up.“Donna Lee had been straddling me, holding me down.”

Donna Lee Darling was arrested the same day as the alleged pillow-incident, on August 16, 2012. She pleads not-guilty to attempted murder and elder abuse through her private defense attorney, Herb Weston. Defendant Darling soon posted $100,000 bail and remains at liberty.

The trial date has been postponed several times, most recently trial was delayed again on Tuesday of this week; trial is now set for November 13, 2013.

Prosecutor Ryan Saunders said, “I am hopeful that the trial will go forward in November and that the victim will be available at that time.”

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