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The Barrio Logan Association, the non-profit that will control the newly formed "Community Benefit Maintenance Assessment District," is eager to get the district up and running.

On March 22, the interim Board of Directors for the Barrio Logan Association, headed up by vice president of Shea Properties, Kevin McCook, the developer for the Mercado del Barrio mixed-use project, announced it was looking for a executive director to run the assessment district.

The new position starts out at $50,000 a year, nearly 20 percent of revenues expected from assessments.

San Diego's newest maintenance assessment district was approved by the City Council on November 29 of last year.

The district will provide a number of enhanced city services such as sidewalk sweeping and steam cleaning, tree trimming, graffiti removal, trash collection, homeless services, signage, and security.

Serving on the Barrio Logan Association's board of directors includes developers and other investors with major stakes in the continuing development of Barrio Logan. Those names include McCook, Glenna Schmidt from Mitchell Investments, Ben Avey from Family Health Centers, and Tom Ryan owner of Ryan Brothers Coffee.

Both McCook and Schmidt played a huge role in bringing an assessment district to Barrio Logan.

According to ballots filed by the City Clerk's Office, out of the 181 ballots that were sent out the vast majority of landowners, 99, voted against paying for enhanced services while 82 voted yes. Many of those who voted no owned smaller, residential properties.

On the other hand, support from developers and investment brokers such as McCook and Austin Foyle from MAAC was vital.

The returned ballots show that McCook and Shea Properties had the largest stake in the vote, representing $17,541, or a little over 13 percent of the entire dollar amount. Other big yes votes included low income housing developer, MAAC, who carried a $14,515 weighted dollar amount, San Diego Unified School District's vote amounted to $9,949, R&H Properties' Billy Bernard represented a $7,088 stake in the vote, San Diego Community College whose total dollar amount added up to $6,421, and of course, Glenna Schmidt and her Mitchell Investments represented another $3,160.

Those six yes votes in addition to 8 other landowners accounted for 70 percent of the total dollar vote.

According to Councilmember David Alvarez's office, the Barrio Logan Association has not yet obtained non-profit status from the IRS. That is expected to occur in the coming weeks.


Kevin McCook failed to respond to a request for comment.

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HonestGovernment April 25, 2013 @ 4:49 p.m.

I wonder if the "ballots" are actually results from the 2011 New City America survey? The November 27 2012 council meeting was only to start the process to form a MAD, and no ballots had then been mailed to property owners of all 335 parcels in the Oct 2012 preliminary Engineer's Report. The Nov 27 2012 council supporting documents don't include the so-called "assessment ballots" that the City Clerk provided for this article.

Also unbelievable is the 100% "ballot" return. Can't happen in the real world. Even with surveys. Something is really, really hinckey about this. The so-called ballots were broken down into two groups, "nonprofit corporation" and "other [unnamed]" with a total number of votes solicited = 329, and NO = 162, YES = 167.

There is no assessment district, yet....not in the real world, anyway. In the fictional world of New City Amerika, maybe.

You would think that a good councilperson would have explained what was really happening. Really disappointed in Alvarez. Hasn't San Diego had enough of this kind of gaming the system?


Founder April 26, 2013 @ 12:51 p.m.

The real question is why are the residents of this area allowing anyone but themselves determine who is paid how much to run THEIR MAD. The engineers report that defines what projects the MAD can and cannot do is the all important document and the MAD's Board should be elected by sub districts of the MAD , not appointed or selected by any percentages or groupings; that way each area of the MAD will have their own rep to insure they all get a fair piece of the MAD's Pie! + The Unified School vote should be counted as which ever way the majority votes since they represent public.


HonestGovernment April 26, 2013 @ 1:08 p.m.

Here is the ad: http://www.camainstreet.org/index.php/news/111-barrio-logan-community-benefit-district The Barrio Logan Association that McCook somehow became president of was registered with the state last December, by....da-da...Marco Li Mandri.

The download link in the ad has lots of strange claims, such as a council meeting on November 20 2012. Check the docket. No council meeting that day. It claims that there is already a MAD in place, but there is not. I'm sure Alvarez knows what's going on. Too bad he is hiding the information.So much for transparency. And too bad he is in league with known scoundrels, all outsider developers and consultants from La Jolla and Little Italy.


Founder April 27, 2013 @ 7:37 a.m.

Great fact filled comment!

Both Council member Alvarez and the Mayor should ask the City Attorney to find out ASAP what is going on in Barrio Logan in order to shed some light on this INSIDER DEAL.


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