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North County state Assemblyman Martin Garrick, who reportedly has his sights set on a state senate seat, spent last year being wined and dined by a bevy of those with an interest in legislative business, according to the Republican's 2011 statement of economic interests, posted online by the state Fair Political Practices Commission.

Garrick, who received a spate of unwanted publicity last June after being picked up in the state Capitol garage on suspicion of drunk driving, subsequently pled no contest to driving with a blood-alcohol content almost twice the legal limit. He was sentenced to 48 hours of community service and given 30 hours of alcohol treatment.

Many of last year's gifts reported by Garrick consisted of food and drink.

A year ago in January, Sacramento's Farmers Insurance Exchange gave him a "viewing ticket" worth $150, along with "food and beverage" in April valued at $57.

That March, Sacramento's New Car Dealers Association picked up a food and beverage tab of $107.

On two occasions in March and April, the Personal Insurance Federation of California kicked in meals and beverages worth a total of $67.

Then there was the National Federation of Independent Business, which footed the bill of $105 for food and beverages.

In February, it was the turn of the "CTIA-the Wireless Connection Association," which paid for $96.92 in meals and drinks.

Also during the first half of the year, Garrick received almost $200 worth of beverages and food courtesy of the Council for Legislative Excellence.

(In January 2010, the Los Angeles Times reported that the council, run by the wife of a legislative aide, had staged a retreat for legislators, paid for by an oil company, a tobacco firm, and other special interests.)

Other outfits picking up dining and drinking tabs for the assemblyman included the Roofing Contractors Association of California ($60); the California Independent Voter Project, bankrolled in part by Eli Lilly Company and other, unnamed corporate donors, according to its founder, ex-state senator Steve Peace ($124); and the University of California San Diego ($58).

Other food and beverage donors to Garrick included the Del Mar Thoroughbred Club ($105); San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce ($51); the Pala Band of Mission Indians ($60); North County desalination plant builder Poseidon Resources ($35); BayBio, Inc., of San Francisco ($118);the California Chamber of Commerce ($76); and the Oceans Eleven card club in Oceanside ($25).

Garrick listed two September 16 Padres box tickets and parking worth a total of $270 as a gift from the office of Republican state senator Mark Wyland.

As president of Admiral Property Company, a sole proprietorship worth more than $1 million according to his disclosure report, Garrick received an annual income greater than $100,000.

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