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Tuitions aren't the only thing going up at universities across the state. According to a recent report from the California Watch, numerous construction projects are also being raised on campuses throughout the state.

At UCSD, the report found nearly $2 billion is committed to the planning, design, and construction of new projects, including a new building to house the engineering department, a new parking garage, and additional space for research labs.

According to representatives from the California Taxpayers Association, by moving forward with the projects, universities will be stuck with high-interest payments on construction bonds.

"People discuss bond money as if it’s free money that isn’t coming out of the taxpayers’ pockets, and that’s exactly where it is coming from,” Kline told the California Watch.

UCSD wasn't the only college in San Diego mentioned in the article. A recent requirement at San Diego State forcing freshmen from out of town to live on campus was also included in the piece. The decision can potentially cost as much as $13,848, a hefty price, considering students are having to rely more on student loans just to pay for tuition.


*photo from UCSD website

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Visduh March 15, 2012 @ 9:30 p.m.

This is highly reminiscent of twenty-or-so years ago. In that prior recessionary period when the UC was crying poor-mouth and raising the tuition, the UCSD campus was alive with construction. A half-dozen buildings were under construction although the place was wailing that it operated on half-rations. Most of those buildings ended up being what is now known as the Warren Campus, and are probably an asset to the place. But why all the claims of poverty amidst a building boom? In 1992 the convenient excuse was that state voters had passed a hundreds-of-millions-of-dollars bond issue for school construction, and that the UCSD construction was paid for by that special bond issue. True, perhaps, but so what? There was a jarring disconnect between a university claiming to be in dire financial straits yet undergoing a major construction boom. That made no more sense than today's equivalent.


SurfPuppy619 March 15, 2012 @ 11:25 p.m.

I rememebrthe SAME scenario at SDSU in the late 1980's recession, cosntuction everywhere.......the claim back then (false claim) was that these projects had been in the pipeline for 5 years-before the crash staretd, but if that were the case then there would eventiually be a construction slow down 5 years after the recession, of course the contruction never ceased. SDSU has been building the campus every year since I started attending 30 yeasr ago.


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