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The world would be a much better place and we’d all function better as humans . . . if only we had microchips implanted in our bodies monitoring our every impulse. That’s the gist of an article commissioned by local tech company Qualcomm for its Qualcomm Spark website’s editorial section.

Ideas surrounding the use of embedded microchips are hardly new, and range from implanting identification chips in pets to sensors that help diabetics monitor their blood sugar levels. But Qualcomm’s unnamed author focuses primarily on the potential health benefits from chipping people.

“Embedded chips will help us actively monitor our own health. We’ll know if we’ve gained a pound, or if our blood sugar is low, or even if we’ve hit a personal best while running. The smartphone will act as our new doctors,” Qualcomm’s editorial predicts. “For this burgeoning consumer health tech industry to really have a long-term positive effect on humanity, it's imperative that we get a little mad scientist.”

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dwbat June 26, 2012 @ 8:21 a.m.

Dave, Well, it's not really a "Qualcomm editorial" but rather an "op-ed" piece. ;-) "In the interest of transparency, articles written by non-Qualcomm people have been commissioned by us, but they are not endorsements of Qualcomm or its products. We also want to be doubly clear that the views expressed in Spark Salon articles are the opinions of the writers, not of Qualcomm." However, I do think they should have identified the author. Why the secrecy, Qualcomm?


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