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Mark Remley, the promoter of the failed human-horse acrobatics show Valitar, is reported to have left the cast and crew high and dry after dismal box-office sales forced the cancellation of the show.

The show's demise was partially blamed on marital problems with the promoter and his wife Tatyana, according to a December 4 article in the U-T San Diego.

But the bust that was Valitar, isn't the first time that horses have caused a rift in Remley's married life.

In 2009, the wealthy Rancho Santa Fe resident found himself in trouble with the law for assaulting Mark Conley, the equestrian trainer he hired to give horseback riding lessons to his now-ex-wife Joy Remley and their daughter.

According to court documents from a 2010 lawsuit, Joy Remley was getting more than her husband had paid for.

On June 22, 2009, Remley obtained an email between the instructor and his pupil.

"Conley emailed Joy Remley a message which made it clear that Mark Conley had more than a relationship as a horseback riding trainer or instructor with Joy Remley. His note made reference to "kissing her all over her body" and other references to missing Joy Remley while she had been away."

After learning of the email Remley drove his black Hummer to the offices of Concord Equestrian Center at the Del Mar Horsepark to confront the trainer.

"I heard Remley yelling and heard profanity being shouted at Conley," testified one witness.

"I heard Conley state to Remley to, settle down. Remley continued yelling and shouting things to Conley, such as 'you're a f_ing ahole."

The witness then saw Remley punch Conley in the nose. He then walked back to his Hummer and drove off.

Remley's account, of course, was different.

"Remley drove to the Concord Equestrian Center seeking to determine what the relationship was between Mark Conley and Joy Remley. Upon making contact with Mr. Conley, Mr. Conley immediately denied that there was any kind of a relationship between he and Joy Remley. He did admit to forwarding the message to Ms. Remley alone. In continuing to deny any kind of a relationship, between Mr. Conley and Ms. Joy Remley, Mr. Conley made derogatory comments to Mr. Remley about his state of mind and/or his suspicions. When Mr. Remley continued to push the issue, Mr. Conley grabbed him by the shirt and then eventually pushed him backwards out of the office. Outside the office, Mr. Remley swung at Mr. Conley to get him to release his hold and/or stop him from pushing him over the edge of the platform outside the office trailer. In the process of swinging his hand, Mr. Conley suffered a nose bleed."

The case was dismissed on April 10, 2010, after the parties agreed to a settlement. The specifics of the settlement were kept confidential and Conley was ordered to "not speak about monetary amounts."

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Visduh Dec. 6, 2012 @ 7:34 p.m.

Hmmm. Lifestyles of the rich but not-so-famous? This explains part of the role of the second wife and the show. So, now in addition to his first marriage, which failed, he's going through similar travails with the second one. Poor guy, oops, sad rich guy.


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