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Teenagers looking to borrow the car from good old dad can probably relate to Sacramento attorney Keven Star, who got his father, Jack Star of El Cajon, to lend him $140,000 in cash and pay for a $1230 website touting his failed campaign to become a Superior Court judge this spring.

The figures were disclosed in a major donor statement filed by the elder Star and posted online yesterday by the California Secretary of State's office.

His son took on well-entrenched judicial incumbent Tami Bogert, who, according to a June 2 account of the race in the Sacramento Bee, had the backing of the county's entire legal establishment, including the district attorney, sheriff, cop unions, and crime victims' groups.

Though the newspaper endorsed Bogert, it threw Star a few bones.

"Bogert's challenger is Gold River attorney Keven P. Star, who has significant experience trying cases. He is a former Sacramento deputy district attorney, who also worked in the Schwarzenegger administration. To his credit, Star avoids criticizing Bogert, and clearly has the credentials and desire to wear the robes. He ought to reapply for a gubernatorial appointment."

Star told the paper he was undaunted. "This is basically a situation where a lot of the people have circled the wagons, whether they're appointees or not."

"I think it's really a matter of qualifications. I'm the person who's done felony trials. I'm the person who has been a (deputy) DA before. I think I'm the best qualified. I think the voters will see that. The voters are smart."

But on election day, June 5, Bogert easily dispatched him, winning 70.04% of the vote.

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mridolf Aug. 16, 2012 @ 9:44 p.m.

I don't get it. What does his occupation (electrical engineer) have to do with this? Are you implying an electrical engineer is somehow, what, suspicious to have 140K to spend on his son?

Do you envy electrical engineer's income? Do you think they are what, overpaid? Or maybe, you're implying they are so naive they'd waste hard earned money on the whims of their offspring.

How would you title your occupation, Matt? Do you have any sons worth 140K?

Many years ago, I think it was the Orange County Register that polled people to find which occupation they considered to be the most trustworthy (i.e., doctor, lawyer, journalist, teacher, preacher, nurse, ect). Guess who won. Aerospace engineer was found the most trustworthy.

Bummer. Missed it by that much.

I worked in aerospace. But utilities pay more. Fixing things for utilities pays even more yet than working directly for them. I only wish my offspring could run for Judge. I'd waste money on that.


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