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Occupy San Diego is preparing for a visit and talk this afternoon around 5:00 with members of the Tea Party movement, according to a Twitter feed dedicated to the group.

Talk radio host Rick Amato, who recently posted a piece on Occupy entitled “Goofballs and Misfits,” will speak and will likely be accompanied by a group of supporters from the San Diego area.

Some groups on both side of the divide have concluded in recent weeks that the Tea Party and Occupy movements aren’t necessarily mutually exclusive. At their core, both are focused on anger about corporate abuse of power and dependence on government handouts, say blogs like San Diego’s The Liberator Today. Both Occupy and the Tea Party have also suffered from smaller membership factions dragging their core message off course.

For its part, Occupy says they “are brewing tea in preparation for welcoming the guests and are looking forward to a peaceful discussion.”

There is concern that things may not go so smoothly. San Diego Police will have an increased presence in order to secure their ability to keep the peace. And the Tea Party Patriots group has released an official statement condemning Occupy Wall Street and the solidarity groups it’s inspired.

Occupy San Diego maintains a live video stream during much of the day under the Media tab on its http://www.occupysandiego.org/ website which, if active, will likely cover the discussion.

Pictured: Rick Amato

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