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Around 11 a.m. yesterday, police were summoned to a Wells Fargo branch on North Second Street in El Cajon. A man leaving the bank after making a deposit had his bank bag snatched by an individual who fled on foot.

Police responding to the incident received reports of a man attempting to open the doors of parked cars in the vicinity. A short time later, they apprehended a person matching the description of the suspect, found hiding laying on the backseat floorboard of a car parked on the 200 block of Shady Lane, one block west of the crime scene.

The suspect’s name was withheld pending further investigation by El Cajon police.

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Twister June 24, 2011 @ 10:18 p.m.

The slope is getting slipperier. One-dollar robberies for health care. Homeless in wheelchairs robbing banks and "escaping" to the sidewalk. Increase in murder/suicides by people who have been sucked dry and can't make a go of it. And on . . .

DO NOT carry your usual purses. Carry your critical papers and a single large-enough emergency bill well-hidden under your clothes (no bulges). Carry a purse with a little money (some thieves will strike out in anger when they find no money) in a wallet with pictures, cards and junk to make it look real except for no ID or credit cards and only some stuff you are willing to lose. Scream FIRE, FIRE, FIRE! Not "help." Few will help. Leave everything you don't need that day at home in a hidden, strong, fireproof, conventional safe.

Carry a _; it is non-lethal (unless you HAVE to make it so), and more accurate and effective than a handgun. You can buy them at police equipment stores.

Use a bright flash to blind intruders (close your eyes tightly (after your first sight of an invader before pushing the button) and get a cane of small diameter (especially at the tip) to use as a ram--it will take any intruder down with one hard poke, then keep poking hard and fast, yes, in the eyes head, anywhere, but do not swing; the back swing takes too long. They are very hard to find; keep looking. It should be very strong but light weight and not extra-long, with a smooth, rounded handle that fits the palm of your hand well. Leave exterior lights on all night (energy-saver bulbs), but keep it dark inside or use opaque shades. Consider getting a well-trained dog (or train it yourself). Keep it with you wherever you are, especially in the house at night. An alarm that you can activate might help; make sure your trustworthy neighbors know to call 911 if they hear it.

Don't walk alone, and never at night, never near bushes or other obstructions to vision; be suspicious of vans--DO profile situations and people. NEVER get into a vehicle you don't know. Be very aware of your circumstances, and be prepared to fight hard, but don't live in fear. Get self-defense training. Call the police department for a list of training classes. "Strong on Self Defense" used to be excellent; don't know whether or not Sandy Strong (ex-cop) is still operating.

Look strong! Don't look like a victim; don't be a victim.

It's going to get worse out there before it gets better, but with a little determination, a little attitude adjustment, and some training and a __, the desperate will pass you up for a better "mark." If they don't, make SURE they will regret it.


Visduh June 25, 2011 @ 8:23 a.m.

I'll quibble about the headline for this story. It describes this as a "failed" robbery attempt. Yet the story indicates that the victim did, in fact, lose the bank bag. To me, that was a "successful" robbery. The fact that a suspect was apprehended shortly afterward doesn't change the fact that the victim was robbed. So, the word "failed" doesn't describe the situation.


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