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Medical cannabis supporters took aim at Bonnie Dumanis during a San Diego chapter meeting of Americans for Safe Access held last night in La Jolla. Her duplicity alleged by the group in voicing support for medical marijuana patients’ rights while cooperating with and sometimes organizing raids on local dispensaries and the homes of patients cultivating their own marijuana drew the ire of Eugene Davidovich, chair of the local group’s board of directors.

“She lied! She continues to lie . . . right now her campaign is being run with money taken from medical marijuana patients,” Davidovich asserted. When asked who the group would support in the mayoral race with Dumanis officially declared, he clarified that the group has not endorsed a candidate. “It’s your choice – anyone but Dumanis!”

The group set up a ‘Not Dumanis!’ Facebook page in late March, which had amassed 327 fans by Wednesday morning. Dumanis took down the page promoting her own candidacy in late March, but does have the endorsement of councilmember Kevin Faulconer, county supervisor Ron Roberts, and departing mayor Jerry Sanders.

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Gail Powell June 15, 2011 @ 7:53 p.m.

We would like to invite all open-minded people to come take a look at NOT DUMANIS Facebook page. It is a real eye-opener-full of facts that point to what a true judicial ogre Bonnie Dumanis really is.

She has persecuted and prosecuted many innocent people along the way to amassing her so-called "power" but that malfeasance has now come back to haunt this affront to justice in San Diego.

Not just medical marijuana patients, but others who suffered at the hands of Bonnie as she over-reacted and sought what she though would be easy plea bargains from scared defendants. Not all her "defendants" were scared but plenty are mad-myself included.

Watch and marvel as we who were thought to be so expendable by Bonnie take down this witch from the east as she seeks the Mayor's job that she will never have!


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