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One day after Irwin Jacobs announced that he was putting a hold on the Plaza de Panama project, the Save Our Heritage Organisation couldn't hold back the excitement over the decision.

"[Save Our Heritage Organisation] is grateful that the bypass bridge is no longer an issue for Balboa Park. We believe that George Marston would be very pleased with this outcome, as this was exactly the type of massive urbanization project he fought so valiantly to keep out of the People's Park."

Ever since the proposal to build a road off Cabrillo Bridge emerged, the preservation group has lashed out against the plan, calling it "the most destructive" project in Balboa Park's history. During one community meeting, SOHO president Bruce Coons said the project "had no substance, only fatal flaws...a waste of time, just a big snake-oil sales pitch."

While celebratory in tone, SOHO's June 9 statement did, however, offer praise to Jacobs for his efforts.

"SOHO would like to thank Dr. Jacobs for his role in elevating the dialogue to the level that it deserves. Overwhelming public opinion prevailed, but we have Dr. Jacobs to thank for reminding everyone how much they care about their park and how much it needs them today."

Pictured above: Old postcard image of Cabrillo Bridge


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MURPHYJUNK June 10, 2011 @ 7:45 a.m.

whats the term?, indian giver comes to mind


InOmbra June 10, 2011 @ 1:33 p.m.

The question to ask is "Why was a paid-parking facility located inside Balboa Park so important to Jacobs and Sanders et al.?"

The number of parking spaces in the Plaza is small and needn't be replaced, if just clearing the Plaza for pedestrian-only use is the only issue.

Would the City (Park and Rec) not be able to collect the revenue from a paid-parking facility located outside the Park, if the facility was not on city-owned land? One might think that the whole silly scheme was just a means to make Balboa Park a pay-to-park revenue-generating Park. One might think....


Visduh June 10, 2011 @ 9:07 p.m.

Jacobs didn't say he was killing the plan. He said he was putting it on hold. Jacobs has a way of buying whatever he wants. I'd love to think he's actually capable of listening to something other than his inner voice. Don't count that bypass road/parking garage idea dead yet. It might not die until Jacobs does, and maybe not even then. His money is massive and his might could be the same. He's made gifts to organizations that are larger than the cost of this plan; he could fund the whole thing himself by writing a check if he decided to take it off hold.


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