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Photo at left: Sherri Lightner

San Diego city councilmembers repealed an ordinance today that aimed at regulating marijuana dispensaries.

Opponents of the ordinance, which prohibited dispensaries from residential, and many commercial areas of the City, and provided a 600-foot-buffer from churches, schools, playgrounds, and other dispensaries, felt the law essentially banned shops from opening, and impeded access for the City's residents with marijuana prescriptions. Those opponents managed to gather more than 44,000 signatures, forcing councilmembers to either repeal the ordinance or pay for it to be placed on a future ballot.

The councilmembers agreed that the latter would be a waste of cash. And while, they were left with few options, many did not pass up a chance to express their frustration with the issue. Some, indicating that they would favor enacting a two-year moratorium on dispensaries.

"I find this whole situation frustrating, "said Sherri Lightner. "I worry that this is less about safe access for those that truly need medical marijuana and more about a big growing business that wants to be unfettered by common sense rules. Given the cost of the election it would be like sending close to a million dollars up in smoke."

At the end of discussion, only councilmembers Tony Young and Marti Emerald voted against repealing the ordinance.


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Visduh July 25, 2011 @ 7:56 p.m.

Good for Tony and Marti. This is just backdoor legalization without any sort of real public debate.


Gail Powell July 25, 2011 @ 9:58 p.m.

These politicians were just venting because they were forced to back pedal on this issue. I was impressed by the questions of David Alvarez and dismayed how bored Carl DeMaio appeared as the 2 hour parade of witnesses spoke up.

The Council would be crazy to effect a 2-year ban on dispensaries-that would be political suicide for sure.


Twister July 26, 2011 @ 9:05 a.m.

Doctors are effectively muzzled on this issue, but I've had three agree that Cannabis is a more effective, safer painkiller than the other options. I hate smoking, but can testify from personal experience that the stuff works better than the more damaging alternatives, and one doesn't have to get high for it to be effective.

Because of its questionable legality, I have to suffer, because I won't buy the stuff from the dealers and so-called "cooperatives" who are in it for the money and/or have ties to criminal organizations.

Cannabis is a PLANT, provided by God or Nature, not a "substance" that drug and chemical companies should be able to corner the market on. Rather than concentrating the production through "dispensaries," the production (it's EASY to grow; it's a WEED, after all, at least in its least potent forms) should be DISPERSED so WIDELY that the price is driven down so low that big business and criminal organizations can no longer make billions trafficking it.


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