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Here's some pics of the fire across the street from the Uptown Shopping Center in Hillcrest. The fire seems to have started at Buonissimo Restaurant and then spread to the neighboring building. Barbarella posted some an aerial pic of the fire here...




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historymatters July 7, 2011 @ 2:05 a.m.

we need to insist on a thorough investigation by metro arson strike team which has doen an absolutely incompetent job investigating arson by building owners. I am troubled by this story.

The building is 1 of the oldest and 1 of only a handful of edwardians. It was extremely rare and very valuable and the fact that it went up so fast allegedly from a spark from the neighboring roofing contractors is suspect to say the least.

That would mean that these roofing contractors were there the second the fire started and if they were dealing w/ equipment that was creating sparks they surely would have had fire extinguishers on hand.

Fires dont accelerate this fast and become this hot w/o an accelerant. The apt was vacant so filling it w/ accelerants would have been easy for the owner.

All I know is we need to ask alot of questions because historic buildings ALWAYS catch on fire especially when someone wants to tear them down and knows they wont be allowed to.

Please SD Reader stay on this story. Ask questions like "who is the owner" is it the same owner that owns the restaurant building w/ the roofing contractor. Was anyone of the 20 apt residents homes at time of fire, did the owner file an insurance claim?,,,that is key because owner-arsonists do not file claims because they dont want the insurance investigators to investigate the cause of the fire because they do a MUCH better and more thorough job than MAST. Is a lawsuit being filed againt the roofing contractors? If the owner is just going to take the hit w/o filing any claims that is highly suspect.

the sad thing is that WE have to be the ones to ask questions and be vigilant because MAST does not do their job. Believe me I have witnessed some of the most obvious cases of owner arson and they do not investigate. So we have to be paranoid.


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