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The Port of San Diego, continuing its “Green Business Challenge,” has announced that tenant Flagship Cruises & Events will install a $2.5 million shore power system. Construction will begin in January and should be completed by mid-2012.

The new system, to be built between Broadway Pier and Navy Pier, will allow the company’s 11 vessels to plug into land-based electricity when docked. The fleet’s large diesel motors will then be able to power down, improving air quality.

A similar system was completed in late 2010 on a much larger scale. That project, providing shore power to cruise ships docked in San Diego, was just the fifth system to be installed globally.

“Our goal is to reduce our company's carbon footprint for the good of the environment,” said Brad Engel, Flagship’s vice president. The Engels have operated various marine ventures in the San Diego Bay for 95 years, including ferry services to and from Corondao.

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