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San Diego leads the nation in drunken driving, according to a new report from Insurance.com. The same source also ranked San Diego at the top of its list of 20 major metropolitan areas in 2010.

To assemble their list, the company took the number of people applying for insurance quotes through one of its websites, then determined the percentage that reported at least one alcohol-related violation.

The site is quick to note, however, that landing a spot near the top of its rankings doesn’t necessarily mean San Diego is home to more drunks in general — several factors could lead to increased convictions locally. A lack of a functional public transportation system and efficient or enforcement-heavy policing are both cited as reasons making it more likely that individuals will drink and drive or that they’ll be caught doing so.

San Diego also hosts a large number of out-of-towners, from vacationers to visiting businesspeople to members of the military, all of whom are cited by police officer Mark McCullough as potentially boosting the figures for local DUI arrests, though unless they applied for insurance using a San Diego address they wouldn’t have contributed to the survey rankings. “When you’re out of your element, your inhibitions run wild,” said McCullough, who coordinates DUI checkpoints for the San Diego Police Department.

Three California cities occupy the top five rankings, with Los Angeles coming in second and San Francisco fifth. San Jose, last year’s number two, dropped to seventh on the 2011 list.

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Founder Dec. 24, 2011 @ 11:07 a.m.

Face it, Our Leaders encourage drinking in SD, because it is very profitable for them thanks to all the ABC licensees that donate massive amounts of money to these same Leaders!

The rule of thumb is there are about 100 people driving under the influence for each one caught; something to remember when driving in SD!

San Diego needs a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) process by which SD Police can deal with this travesty, yet all our Leaders drag their feet on this important issue!

Over-serving is great for Bar and Club Owners but tragic for US!

I hope this is one of the key topics come the next elections, since it impacts all of San Diego, not just Pacific Beach and North Park; since those two areas have the most alcohol related crime in San Diego!

See this for more info: http://www.pbspirits.com/ and Here is a video on the problems with ABC and what can be done about it: http://www.pbspirits.com/?p=1662 and Here is how the City of Ventura solved their problem at NO cost to tax payers: http://is.gd/Uy9Z6Z


northparkrick Dec. 26, 2011 @ 11:21 a.m.

For a look at what happens in North Park with our "neighborhood bar" check out this video:


This is bar STAFF in a street fight with some of the patrons they have ejected from the bar, along with some clips of some of the other patrons on just about any weekend night, when they are allowed to stay open two hours beyond the city zoning laws for this location.

ABC just keeps issuing licenses, well beyond their own stated limits for any given area, and the city officials approve variances to their own regulations and laws, and then dump it all on understaffed and overworked Police Dept. to monitor and enforce the "conditions" ABC places on new licenses in order to justify all of the over-saturation in areas like PB and North Park. (look out City Heights, Hillcrest, Normal Heights, Logan,...you guys are all ripe for the same thing from ABC...)

YES, Founder,we need a CITY-WIDE 'CUP' so we have some local control over the out of control ABC.


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