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San Diego Gas and Electric customers opposed to the use of smart-meters are celebrating a decision by Northern California energy giant Pacific Gas and Electric to offer analog meters, even if that option requires them to pay extra fees.

The analog meters will replace the digital meters that energy companies across the country are converting to as a way to monitor energy usage and communicate with surrounding meters. The meters will also allow the energy companies to reduce their dependence on meter-readers.

The decision, which still needs approval from the state energy commission, is a victory for those who say smart-meters pose health risks by emitting radio frequencies throughout the day and night.

"Is this a final solution for all? NO. Is this a beginning of a series of solutions we seek? YES. Is this a major foot in the door to stop smart meters from harming people and intruding upon our privacy? YES. Will we quit now? NO," writes La Mesa resident Susan Brinchman, director of the Center for Electrosmog Prevention.

Brinchman said the decision by PG&E sets the precedent for SDG&E to follow. Currently, state energy commissioners are reviewing whether SDG&E should allow an "opt-out" policy. The policy would give residents the option to replace their smart meters with analog meters, or ones that do not transmit radio frequencies.

"We must continue to apply pressure - call, write, file complaints, and get our local gov'ts to take positions, right through January, if you can do so. We can demand to have the same choices as PG&E but demand it to be at no extra cost."

photo source: pikeresearch.com

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