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Some residents of University Heights are "sounding off" regarding noise from police helicopters circling above.

In the University Heights Community Association's September newsletter, one resident wrote of his frustrations with the constant clap from police copters.

"I settled here because of the beauty and quiet and have enjoyed my peaceful life. Except for the last two or three years," writes the 30-year resident of University Heights.

According to the police department's website, the police copters are based at Montgomery air field and do not land because of the 15-minutes it takes to get back in the air. They hover near University Heights to stay away from Lindbergh Field airspace.

"In this area, helicopters must usually fly at or below 1500 feet to avoid airliner traffic above. The community is also near many transition points, such as the North-South airport transition point, I-805 and I -15 corridors for traffic helicopters, and many hospital approaches (military and civilian). SDPD’s [copter unit] always tries to avoid the area and fly much higher than other helicopters to alleviate any helicopter noise."

To that the University Heights resident responds in the editorial: "In the 1960's a B52 Bomber crew could be airborne in 15 minutes. Over-flights of our community are defended because we are a convenient corridor. Why not fly over [Interstate-8], or further North, where no one would be impacted? And why is there the routine 11pm bed check every night?"

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Landin Aug. 29, 2011 @ 5:44 p.m.

Two years of getting woken at eleven. Can they at least change flight patterns or change shifts at a different time. This is no joke.


evavrgs Aug. 31, 2011 @ 10:58 a.m.

They come to my neighborhood too, Shelltow. I suppose your saying to yourself well, why not do you know what THEY do there. Nothing more then what you do in your neighborhood or criminals do in your neighborhoods. We just get more media coverage than you do. Why? Who knows, but nevertheless, we get a lot of helicopter coverage too; I don't mind when it has to do with a lost child, but anything else . . . Makes it hard to judge, so I don't I just wish they would not keep hovering. Man, it goes to 1 1/2 to 2 hours at the most, least has been 1/2. Must be costing the city plenty or a drainon police budget. I now feel better got that out.


Dennis Aug. 31, 2011 @ 1:01 p.m.

They like to spend a lot of time over the Rolando/College area as well. When they broadcast what they are looking for you can never tell if it's a lost child or a murderer due to the noise from the helicopter. I'd love to see a log of what they are doing since most of it appears to be routine flyovers, never hear anything in the news about what they were doing in the neighborhood. I can usually set my watch by when they will fly over.


goskeet Aug. 31, 2011 @ 4:07 p.m.

Yes! Any publicity to this issue is so appreciated. The costs of this noise pollution are so hard to quantify, that this issue is forgotten too often, too easily, particularly by the decision makers in our community, who live mainly in more expensive neighborhoods that do not endure this disruption.

I sincerely hope that this piece will help bring attention to the peace bashing roar that helicopters represent. I have lived on flight paths, and this sound is much more disruptive.

Keep the helicopters for matters where they are really needed - urgent health and safety concerns, not gimmicky media, and not petty crimes.


bee1000 Sept. 1, 2011 @ 10:19 a.m.

I've lived in University Heights (2 blocks west of the UH street sign) for about 12 years now and I haven't noticed helicopter noise with any regularity. Maybe I'm just lucky.


dirkmedia Sept. 1, 2011 @ 10:37 a.m.

Their fly-bys are absurd in Encinitas. Not that often right now, but on a regular basis. The crime rate is pretty low here, so I am not sure what they are looking for. They circle very low in a tight circle above our area near the main post office--and they are LOUD. Since we are served by sheriffs from San Diego County, maybe their Encinitas branch needs to justify keeping their 'copter by using it on a regular basis whether or not they really need it.


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